Wengie Taking the Internet by Storm

There was a time in America where beauty was to be found in fashionable salons and high-end women’s clothing stores where live models showcased the most fashionable styles of designers from Paris and Milan. At that time glamor was the realm of the famous or rich, and young beauties were referred to as natural beauties who would eventually mature and become patrons of the salons and high-end shops. Then came the revolution of the 1960’s. The culture of the day came face to face with those who would tear down all barriers; religion, the establishment and even what was considered to be fashionable and in style. Individualism was born.
Today we have numerous proponents of the post-goth age who are tacitly rewriting the laws of fashion. One of these new savants is Wengie, an Austrian-Chinese twenty-something who moved from a successful career in marketing to an even more successful career on the Internet. Wengie is an industry. Visit her webpage and you will be presented not only with Wengie but products, clothes, perfumes, make-up, and insight into today’s fashion. She sums it all up by rephrasing an Albert Einstein dictum. He said, “there is nothing unique about being unique“. Wengie says in effect being unique is over rated. Which is a bit disingenuous. Remember she is the after product of the revolution which took place in the 60’s and back then being different was prized.
Wengie is a brand and has more than one million followers.
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