USHEALTH Group Subsidiaries and selection of Insurance Services

USHEALTH Group is among the largest companies found in Fort Worth, Texas. The company offer its clients an array of services through its two main subsidiaries National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. USHEALTH Group is highly committed to offer innovative insurance solutions and covers against life, illnesses, disabilities and accidents. The main clients of the company are small business owners, individuals, family groups and employees. USHEALTH Group has managed to offer customized services to an excess of 15 million customers for the last 5 decades.

USHEALTH Group offers different services to meet the needs of various clients. The company has equally come up with innovate product designs with the core aim of extending the customer base. Important to note is that USHEALTH Group is a family of company that is overly committed to make insurance services more affordable, flexible and available to many people.

USHEALTH Group is handy for those clients who seek insurance products with first dollar protection offers. The company also offers a wide range of accident and diseases coverage plan selections. This fundamentally demonstrates the company’s continual commitment to satisfy all clients. The common coverage products offered at USHEALTH Group include Income Protector, Short Term Accident Disability Income, Critical Illness, Accident, Vision Plans, and Dental plans among others.

USHEALTH Group through its subsidiaries prides in close customer relations. The company has managed to sustain its quality and maintained customer loyalty and trust. Various subsidiary own the rights of distinct products. This level of ownership guarantees clients with an exclusive buying experience through licensed agents that work as USHEALTH Advisors subsidiary. The advisors undergo a specialized product training program and become certified before executing their respective duties. This procedure is vital in sustaining professionalism in the company’s operations.

USHEALTH Advisors is a widely recognized global leader for innovation, business growth and customer care services. The rate of client subscription in the company is steadily rising as a result of growing insurance coverage needs. Customer service at USHEALTH Group is one of the key players in the company’s exemplary performance. Finally, the company has retained impressive portfolio and received high-end ratings from Better Business Bureau.

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