Todd Lubar Talks about his Life in Business

Todd Lubar is an American businessman currently plying his trade in the states of New Jersey and Maryland. He focuses on real estate having entered the business 20 years ago shortly after college. After working with many mortgage companies and even establishing one of his own, Todd Lubar can proudly be classified as among the 25 top mortgage originators in the United States. Todd Lubar is a smart business person who understands the importance of diversification. He owns several ventures in the entertainment industry, demolition industry, and the construction industry. However, he learned the importance of diversification the hard way after he suffered numerous losses in the 2008 economic recession.

In a recent interview by Hackronym, Todd Lubar said that he founded the TDL Global Ventures after identifying a gap in the economy. He found out that people didn’t have enough money to pursue after their dream houses. He sought to establish a way to finance their projects. Among the things that help Todd Lubar clear his mind is morning workouts and exercises. However, he has to achieve this after having breakfast with his two daughters. It’s after breakfast that Todd Lubar checks the news and reads his emails. Todd says a person interested in the real estate business should be aware of the current affairs. On the question of how he brings his ideas to life, he acknowledges the obstacles that lie ahead in achieving dreams. He says that using experience in everything you do can be the key to success.

Even at his age, Todd Lubar is still fascinated by changes in technology. He is still amazed at how you can use remotes to control many things like air conditioners, television, and lights. He says that he has managed to be the best real estate agent in the area by staying organized and being focused on his business. The only thing that Todd Lubar would change about his life is surrounding himself with people who are valuable and those that make him feel important. He would also work harder than he has managed to work today. Trust and honesty are crucial virtues in the real estate business.

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