Todd Lubar: Growing Businesses in Real Estate

Todd Lubar has achieved admirable success in his career in mortgage and banking. He has been part of teams that have contributed to growth of the real estate industry through investing and working in mortgage firms. Todd is hardworking and dedicated to moving his career forward and helping the people around him succeed. He is defined by his passion for helping others achieve their goals and working towards enabling individuals acquires homes and other assets.

He has worked in the industry for more than twenty years and has been instrumental to financial decisions of many Americans, who have sought investment advice in real estate. He explained these efforts in an interview with Ideamensch ( where he encourages entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams without relenting since this would define their success.

Todd Lubar also notes the need for entrepreneurs to surround themselves with people who can challenge them to attain greater achievements. He explains that the networks one creates around them define their success hence encourages one to be around people that have positive influence in their business growth. Todd says that fostering great relationships among employees is an attribute that has helped his company succeed. He notes that a culture of trust in the work place was important in experiencing greater productivity.

Todd works as the president of the TDL Global Ventures and is a vice president of Legendary Investments. He started his business in 2007 venturing into various industries such as real estate, demolition, recycling and mortgage. He has vast skills in the fields, which has enabled him establish his business in real estate. Todd studied at Syracuse University where he graduated with a bachelor of arts in speech communication. This equipped him to create important and strong relationships through interactions with individuals and companies in the industry.

He started working at Crestar Mortgage Corporation before joining Legacy Financial group as a loan broker. At Legacy Group, Todd established great relationships with clients and attained a strong network, which was important in his business ventures. He put great efforts in ensuring the growth of the company’s revenue that was commendable. View his full bio on

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