The Man with a Golden Vision

There are a lot of companies out there that are looking to take their spin on the ever-popular network marketing business model. The problem is, without an outstanding product and a visionary, they aren’t going to get anywhere. Bernardo Chua realized this early on, and in 2008 established one of the most successful network marketing companies to date. In reality, Organo Gold is an ever-growing giant in both the coffee and tea industries. In addition to how quickly businesses fail, it’s not often that you see a company in such a competitive industry thrive so well.

Considering that their company is built mostly off of customers, (and they have the ability to do so considering how many people consume coffee on a daily basis), they have few limits to what corners of the globe they can reach. They, of course, being the many IBO’s who are getting paid by the company through their well-made compensation plan. This is actually another one of the reasons that most network marketing companies fail, the way they pay their partners is either impractical or just plain daunting.

Bernardo Chua has quite a lot of experience in the business world as a whole, and his entire lead of the company so far has been nothing short of stellar. You can even look online and see mostly great things about the man, which is rare especially in what can sometimes be a toxic form of marketing. Being able to network and share a healthy something that virtually anyone and everyone can use, (and make a source of income doing it), is a huge possibility for almost anyone. Bernardo Chua recognized that entire formula and executed it to a level that no other CEO has before. He is truly and most definitely “the man with a golden vision“.  Make sure to follow Bernardo on Twitter to get a unique perspective into what he’s accomplished so far.  He can be found under his Twitter handle “@OGBernie“.