Madison Street Capital Releases its Fourth Annual Report

On March 16, 2016, Madison Street Capital released its fourth annual report to show its progress as the best performing international investment bank in the United States. In the fourth edition of the annual report, it was noted that there was an increase in transactions, both those that were made and announced. Forty-two deals were also closed or announced in 2015. Bear in mind that these numbers were high due to some rollover transactions that took place in the prior year. 2015 also had a volume increase of 27 percent over the previous year.

Hedge fund assets also ran high for the season. This was a pleasant surprise for investors who had expected much lower numbers. In 2015 the hedge funds showed a poor performance and most people anticipated the assets to remain low through the following year, but fortunately that did not happen. Despite having higher funds, hedge fund companies, in general, performed poorly which lead some institutions to move funds into alternative assets to protect their portfolios. Investors held out hope of high profits to offset the cost of increasing liabilities. Small businesses were also below their normal portfolio performance and were trying to invest in better operating capital to improve their portfolios.

US based Madison Street Capital specializes in investment finances. The firm offers full-service assistance for their customers allowing many people benefit from these long-term solutions. Their greatest objective is always their customer’s satisfaction. They work hard to resolve all issues in a timely and effective manner, resulting in more satisfied customers. Their team of well qualified experts is credited for much of Madison Street Capital’s Success. The full release can be viewed on

Madison Street Capital’s headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois and provide a wide variety of investment banking. They have offices throughout the world to better serve their customers. Their team of investment banking professionals maintain excellent relationships within the industry and are able to assist clients across a broad spectrum of industries. Their combined years of knowledge are what allow Madison Street Capital to remain a profitable investment bank.

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