Kate Hudson Marches Forth With Fabletics and Holds Off the Competition

Amazon is the company that everyone seems to know a little something about. It has become the online store that sells everything that consumers need, and most customers appears to be quite happy with what this company is bringing to the market. There are customers that are interested in products like athletic clothing, and Fabletics is the brand that is slowly starting to build a customer base for these type of consumers. Everyone is aware of what Amazon has been doing, but many people are still not familiar with Fabletics. Fortunately, there is a co-founder by the name of Kate Hudson that is planning to change all of this. She plans to take her time and improve upon the brand that already has more than a million customers.


The thing that really makes Kate Hudson a force to be reckoned with as her confidence in her brand. She is someone that is actively involved in the development of things like the active wear line. She is not one of the co-founders that is sitting around waiting for someone to bring her ideas. To the contrary, she has become someone that is as well vested in Fabletics as CEO Jeff Bezos is invested in Amazon.


She is planning to go head-to-head with him and anyone else that may be looking to compete in the female workout clothing arena. Kate Hudson is doing something different from what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is doing. She is getting herself out there and appearing in the commercials for the Fabletics clothing brand. This is something that takes her clothing line to another level because customers can relate when they see a face of a celebrity that is taking interest in this brand. She is using her star power to appeal to a lot of people that may otherwise have overlooked this brand. That is good marketing for the Fabletics brand because it allowed other celebrities to also chime in on this brand.


Supermodel Chrissy Teigen has spoken openly about how she is thrilled to be wearing clothes from Fabletics for working out. That is a huge boost when one considers the millions of people that are following Chrissy on her social media platform. Kate Hudson has a passion for this business of selling clothes. She is doing what it takes to build the brand even if it takes a launch of more physical stores. Some people in the business world may assume that this is going to be a difficult transition, but Kate Hudson knows what other people may have not figured out yet. She knows that she is selling a product that some people just are not going to buy online because they cannot try it on. That is why she is opening more stores. She wants women to have the ability to try these clothes on. She also wants to be able to improve what is happening when it comes to the subscription services. The sales consultants in stores can boost subscription services.