How OSI Group Turned from a Small Meat Processing Plant into an International Brand

OSI Group is all about a global brand. The company has facilities in Australia, United States, Austria, U.K, Brazil, Ukraine, Canada, Taiwan, China, Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Philippines, India, Netherlands, and Japan. The company has a vast food network of more than 65 facilities and more than 20,000 employees across 17 countries. The privately owned American holding company has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

The food processing company produces and sells value-added protein foods and many other food-related products to retail brands and food service brands. OSI opened its first family meat market in 1909 in Chicago and had always been determined to help clients succeed. This is a smart way of doing business as their client’s success means they get more business.

OSI Group came up after Otto & Sons re-branded to become the company OSI is now. This happened in 1975 and became the exclusive supplier to McDonald’s after a long history of working with McDonald’s from its conception days. The growth of McDonald’s led to OSI becoming the conglomerate it is now. The company prospered and expanded in size and geographically as well. OSI Group was born in 2004 after the company changed its name from OSI Industries.

By 2011, OSI group was bringing in an annual revenue of more than $3 billion. It was listed by Forbes among the top 200 most profitable private companies in the country. The company has since grown in size and profitability and by 2016, they had doubled their profits, and were ranked among the top 60 largest privately held companies in the country. The growth of the company has been the direct result of their ability to maintain superior quality products and satisfied clients.

In 2016 OSI acquired a food plant in Chicago for $7.4 million. Tyson Foods formerly owned the plant. The 200,000 square-foot facility is close to other OSI owned facilities and will provide the company with the required infrastructure to continue growing. With customer needs changing fast the plant comes as an excellent addition to feed that demand.

OSI foods offer products for breakfast and lunch, entrées, snacks, desserts and side dishes. These products include but are not limited to bacon, breakfast sausages, specialty sausages, hot dogs, and cooked pork and beef products. The company also supplies raw and processed chicken products and much more.

From the first day the company opened its doors, it has provided consistency and good quality products. This goes to show that consistency and quality are timeless even in the business world.

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