Fisher now Chief of Sales for Stream Energy

Retail electricity provider Stream Energy has added a new head of sales to its management team. They introduced Steve Fisher in Chicago at an event held at the Navy Pier celebrating Stream Energy’s rollout into the Illinois market. It was a day of celebration and preparation for the opportunities which are now opening up for the Stream Energy salesforce in the “Land of Lincoln.”


Mr. Fisher is a man who can lead by example ( He is among the founding leaders in the multi-level marketing of Streams products. Before starting his own Stream business, Fisher worked as an analyst for American Airlines.


Fisher is a recognized sales leader with the company, and he has achieved what many hope to emulate. His ability to share his experience and to mentor is the reason why his addition to the sales team is a significant development at Stream Energy. His focus will be the company’s field procedures and training allowances.


Fisher will be teaming up with Stream’s new senior vice president of sales, Ryan Morris, who was also formally installed at the Chicago event. Mr. Morris likewise is a top producer in Stream’s sales network. He is noted for having achieved the highest level of sales success in the shortest time compared to anyone.


Stream President and CEO, Larry Mondry welcomed both Fisher and Morris. The head of the company shared his enthusiastic optimism with the associates who were in attendance. Mr. Mondry made it clear that achieving success is much easier when you have knowledgeable guides. That is why these additions to the team are vital the Stream Energy’s future.


Steam Energy is today a company which has generated $8 billion in revenues since starting out 12 years ago (ReporterExpert). The company sells energy, wireless, and home protective services through its direct marketing network of associates in several U.S. states. Today Stream Energy is one of the largest direct sellers of energy in the world.