David J. Osio and His Humanistic Mission

Since the early ‘90s, David J. Osio, the Venezuelan financial counsel and CEO of Davos Financial Group, has been closely working with institutions around the world in order to help communities through the arts, culture and medicine.

For at least 20 years, the Latin American businessman has been on the mission of helping communities. Osio is known for contributing a lot in the communities where he does business. Now that Osio has been living in Miami, Florida, he has tried his best to contribute culturally to Floridians as much as possible. Osio has been for years contributing tremendously to the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and his donations, provided through his independent financial companies, have kept this foundation functioning. Osio was also a member of the orchestra for many years as well.

Osio, especially since he has expanded his operations globally, is also concerned about many international organizations. For instance, Osio is an unusual supporter of the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and several other similar medical organizations. Osio and his independent companies also sponsor the EPK events yearly. According to the CEO, anything counts for when it comes to funding this area of medical research. The financial expert is also trying to motivate other rich people so that they can also contribute to the cause. Osio has been also supporting the Wayuu Taya and Fundana foundations, which are from Latin America. The businessman is also known for his fond towards the arts. He a few months ago funded the Saludarte Foundation from Miami. This happened when the institution was sponsoring the artist Carlos Cruz Diez.

Osio founded Davos Financial Group of companies with the intent of serving certain financial needs of the Latin American market. Osio’s financial boutique was also the first of its kind to appear in Venezuela, which since then has served a certain group of affluent individuals. Osio has been able to lead Davos Financial Group internationally. Currently, there are independent businesses under Davos Financial Group operating in several strategic locations, such as Geneva, New York and Lisbon. Osio is in charge of the financial company’s domestic and global strategies. He also supervises the firm’s portfolio.

The Venezuelan started his career in 1981, when he worked for OPED Enterprise. Shortly after working for this business, he became LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES’ president and CEO, and at this company, he managed marketing programs for various American businesses. In 1984, Osio worked for MGO, a famous law firm from Caracas, Venezuela. Here, he applied his legal experience, legal education which he obtained from the Catholic University Andres Bello in 1988. At this law firm, he consulted many prestigious corporations from different parts of the world, such as Ferro and Consolidated Bank. Almost a decade later after he became a lawyer, he attended graduate school at the Institute of Advanced Learning in Administration, one of the best schools in Latin America. He in 2010 obtained financial credentials from the New York Institute of Finance.

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