Sawyer Howitt Names His Top Eight Cities To Start A New Business

Sawyer Howitt is an aspiring entrepreneur who started his journey on that path at a very young age.

He is a recent graduate of Lincoln High School, located in Portland, Oregon, and has already shown great promise in understanding what it takes to start a business and make it successful. He points out that millennials have been quite active in starting new companies. Many of them are self-employed – 27% as of 2011 – and they open around 160,000 companies every month.

There are certain cities around the country, Sawyer Howitt says, where it makes a lot of sense to base your new company. He takes a number of criteria into account to make his determination on where you want to hang your shingle. He says that the local economy, of course, is a big part of where you should consider getting started. He also says that certain cities have more access to startup funding dollars. Other criteria include the average age of people in the city, networking opportunities, and high-speed broadband internet penetration.

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There are eight cities that make Sawyer Howitt’s list as the best places for millennials to open up shop. His top pick is San Francisco mainly due to its tech boom. He also picks Austin and Salt Lake City in his top three. Rounding out the rest of the list is Palo Alto, Denver, Yorba Linda, Minneapolis, and Santa Monica.

One of Sawyer Howitt’s greatest interests is in RFID technology. He worked for his father’s firm, Meriwether Group, for a few years and focused on this technology. He thinks that retail stores could make great use of RFID tech in order to make consumer’s purchases much easier and more seamless. He envisions that one day people can just pick up items at a store and walk out the door. The actual purchasing will take place all digitally where the store knows what you’re walking out with and can charge you accordingly.

In order to fulfill his dreams as an entrepreneur, Howitt is now attending Columbia University. He has targeted an entrepreneur program as his route and plans to graduate in 2022.

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