How Rick Smith Helps Prison Administrators

It has been proven that prisoners who are more comfortable and who are able to continue relationships with their loved ones while they are in prison will be less likely to return to prison when they have had the chance to get out. This helps to reduce the population in the prison and can make it easier for people to try and get the best experiences possible while they are doing different things. Rick Smith knows this and he has done his part to make sure that he is reducing the recidivism rates in prison. He wants to see prisons have lower populations so that they can truly keep violent criminals in and keep them off the streets. As the CEO of Securus, he feels that he can play a huge part in the way that this work and in the opportunity that he has to make things better.

For Securus to be able to provide prisoners with these opportunities, Rick Smith needs to make sure that he can help people and that they can have more enjoyable experiences. Rick Smith knows that all of this will lead to prisoners being able to have a better time once they are released. He also knows that things will work better for him so that he can try different things in the area that he is in. He uses Securus to make sure that he can help people with the issues that they are having and with the experiences that they are using to make their lives better.Rick Smith always focuses on the administration first, though. One of the biggest things of Securus is provide support for the administration.

They do this through the mail and email systems that they have. By providing the telephone support that they have in their business, Securus can help the administration reduce the duties that they have and they can make sure that their prisons are getting the opportunities that they need. Taking the jobs away from administration and giving them a lighter load to do will make things easier on the administrators and make it easier for them to help the prison in the way that they should.For Rick Smith to continue helping prisons, he has to make sure that he stays on top of trends. While he was one of the first to get trends started in the United States, like the kiosks in prisons, he has to continue doing this so that he will be able to make things better. He wants to help people and he knows that this help will allow them the chance to have a more enjoyable experience no matter where they are at or what they are doing.

Three Decades of Idea Exchange via WIT

Getting industry and academia to communicate and share ideas is a process that can meet with barriers. Ashurst, England’s Wessex Institute of Technology, a.k.a. WIT, exists to remove those barriers and help the two pursuits learn about advances in tech.

Formed in 1986 upon the foundation of the Computational Mechanics Institute, WIT offers higher degrees in the sciences. For decades now, it has also hosted conferences that assist leaders in industry and the sciences come together and exchange ideas.

Conferences that have been, or will be, held at WIT comprise an extensive list, highlights of which include the 39th International Conference on Boundary Elements and other Mesh Reduction Methods, the 8th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning, and The 2016 International Conference on High Performance and Optimum Design of Structures and Materials.

The path to the future may well be found through the conferences that WIT offers the world!