Three Decades of Idea Exchange via WIT

Getting industry and academia to communicate and share ideas is a process that can meet with barriers. Ashurst, England’s Wessex Institute of Technology, a.k.a. WIT, exists to remove those barriers and help the two pursuits learn about advances in tech.

Formed in 1986 upon the foundation of the Computational Mechanics Institute, WIT offers higher degrees in the sciences. For decades now, it has also hosted conferences that assist leaders in industry and the sciences come together and exchange ideas.

Conferences that have been, or will be, held at WIT comprise an extensive list, highlights of which include the 39th International Conference on Boundary Elements and other Mesh Reduction Methods, the 8th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning, and The 2016 International Conference on High Performance and Optimum Design of Structures and Materials.

The path to the future may well be found through the conferences that WIT offers the world!