A Smooth Spin on Lip Balm

For many years, whenever we thought of lip balm, we automatically thought of chapstick. Everyone seemed to have that tube in their pocket or purse. It even came in flavors to make it more enticing.

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. In a unique, egg shaped pod, it became all the rage a few years ago when it became available. There were so many unique flavors and they were in just about every store you shopped at. They were featured in many beauty magazines and even celebrities were photographed using EOS lip balm. Soon the product began outselling products like chapstick, which at one time was the top selling, most well-known lip balm available. EOS currently sells over 50 million units annually.

Instead of making a unisex product, EOS is targeted primarily at women. So the company created a product with a unique shape, creating a pot of lip balm that did not have to be applied with fingers, making it more appealing to use. The company wanted to create a product that would withstand the test of time in the market, and be around for years to come. They knew that they could not create a fad product. They created a one of a kind lip balm in an array of flavors, with packaging that felt soft to the touch and was easily affordable for any budget. The company knew it was important to create a personal connection with their customers. They did not want to be just another product flooding the market.

Once the product was created, getting into stores did not prove easy for the company. Luckily, the product was picked up by Walgreens. After successful sales with that store, Walmart, Target, Amazon and eBay picked up the product as well. The company knew that they had a challenge of selling a product which with the market was already saturated. The product was aggressively market to women ages 25-35 through print and social media. Finally, within a few years of hard work, such as creating limited edition flavors, the product became well known and successful, outselling its competitors.  https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos