Against All Odds

Marc Sparks has been an entrepreneur for more than 34 years. He has had countless success stories and multiple disasters. He loves starting new companies. This is his passion. He graduated from high school with a C average. He never attended college. He does not fit the world’s profile of what a hugely successful entrepreneur would be. Yet he has had much success.
Marc Sparks, according to NBCDVD, is the author of They Can’t Eat You. A labor of love about his journey to the top. This book includes his many successes and his major failures. He states he had a hard time writing the book, but with the encouragement of friends and family completed it. He writes about how he started companies from ideas that people thought impossible.

He has a determination and a keen sense of success. He credits most of his knowledge coming from his worst disasters. He is of the opinion that you learn more from your failures than the easy success stories. He thinks most people can connect with his mistakes because most people make the same mistakes when it comes to starting a business – What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From A Presentation and Marc Sparks: More Business Than Usual.

He gives important keys and tips on how to be successful. He gives 50 tips that can help anyone be successful in their next business venture.

The book should be a huge success. Marc Sparks can relate to the everyday person who just wants to be successful because he was once that person. Being able to connect with the readers and general population is key to being a successful author. Once again, he has conquered a new business venture with this book.

After 30 plus years, he is very successful. He encourages others to take chances and never stop. He is an advocate of gut instinct. He is a prime example of how successful someone can be regardless of how book smart they are. Grades are not always the determining factor to success.

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