Investing in New York with Arthur Becker

The city of New York is known for its modern buildings and state of the art rentals. While some part of these homes are owned by individuals, banks and other financial institutions in the city, there are some names up there that are changing the face of the real estate industry in New York. Arthur Becker is one such name alongside other names such as Kevin Maloney, Michael Stern, and Robert Gladstone. Arthur Becker alongside these gentlemen has spent their entire adult life developing homes for New Yorkers. According to a recent article, Arthur Becker is currently engaged in a condominium project in New York.

The project involves the construction of eight units building that will be located at the 465 Washington Street in Tribeca. Arthur Becker ( revealed that the project would be designed by Paris Forino when it comes to interior design. Talking about his earlier life, Arthur Becker says that he used to deal with Macadamia before settling for home building on his way to technology and finance investments. This project on the 465 Street is a unique project that will result to exquisite penthouse duplex. The cost of these condos will be $2200 per square feet. A unit is expected to go for $5 -$14 million.

A recent document obtained from the IRS revealed that he had pumped $550 million into real estate in New York alone. Before moving to real estate, Arthur Becker used to work for the Madison Partners and PMG as a financial banker. He implements his projects by partnering with successful financial institutions and time conscious contractors. He is a proud owner of three townhouses on the Sullivan named 30, 40 and 50 Sullivan.

According to, as of today, Arthur Becker acts as the chairman and chief executive officer of a company called Zinio. He previously served as the chief executive of Navisite for nine years. During his time with Navisite, he specialized in data center hosting as well as cloud-based applications in the United Kingdom and India. For seven years, he worked for a fashion company called Vera Wang Fashion as a fashion advisor. He joined private entrepreneurship in the year 2011. For more info, please visit