Brad Reifler’s Impressive Career in The Investment World

Brad Reifler is the current CEO of Forefront Capital Management, a company he founded in 2009. The company provides capital, management services, consultancy and investment advice to developing and growing firms. Reifler has many years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor. He has been instrumental in pushing Forefront Capital to be a leader in offering financial services to the community.


The professional, entrepreneurial career of Brad Reifler started in 1982 when he founded Reifler Trading Company. The firm offered several services such as management of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts, institutional research, dissemination of information and execution services among others. It evolved to one of the biggest independent futures.

In 2000, Brad sold the firm to Refco In., the largest futures company. Before he sold Reifler Trading Company, Reifler established himself as a trusted professional in financial services and he gained popularity globally. In 1995, he founded Pali capital, a sell side broker dealer that focuses on equity markets.

According to PR News Wire, Brad Reifler devised a unique approach to expansion in hedge funds. Instead of advising traders on what to buy or sell, he took their ideas, combined them with extensive research, credit analysis and derivative structures. He then taught the traders how to apply the resulting strategy and implement it well.

Under his leadership and management, Pali Capital made more than $ 1 billion in commission income, employed more than 300 people and opened offices in four continents. He was the Chairman and CEO of the company until October 2008.

Other Career Highlights

Bloomberg shows us that Brad Refiler serves as a Director at ITG Market Research Inc., ITG Investment Research Inc., ROOT Exchange and Symmetry Property Development, LLC. Previously, he served on several advisory boards such as European American Investment Bank, Foresight Research Solutions and Genesis Securities.

Additionally, he is a Trustee of the Millbrook School and also Chairman of the Finance Committee. Reifler has appeared on several public forums to speak about what the middle and lower class should do to secure their futures through investing. He holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College.

Today, Brad Reifler is one of the most sought after financial experts. His rich experience has been crucial to the success of numerous investors. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Through his innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, Forefront Capital is always on an upward trend. Reifler is also passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom through proper financial planning.