Brian Bonar Inspiring Others through His Work

Finance as a field focuses on the manner in which assets and liabilities are managed according to the prevailing economic conditions. In finance, the purchasing power of a given currency can either rise or drop at a given time. Finance specialists advice companies, individuals, investors and government on possible direction money value will take over time. Finance has different sub-categories namely corporate, public, and personal finance.

In the corporate finance field, the professionals have the responsibility to ensure that corporations find the necessary funds to operate, make acquisitions and to expand. These experts can also plan the financial future of a corporation and manage its funds. Brian Bonar is a well-known individual in the finance world. Mr. Bonar has assisted several companies to grow. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

He holds different academic qualifications having studied in various institutions. Bonar obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Engineering from the James Watt Technical College. He received his master’s degree from the Stafford University. Currently, Bonar is the chair and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Dalrada is one of the many corporations that he has been associated with throughout his career.

Mr. Brian Bonar is also the CEO of the professional employment organization services company, Trucept Inc. He also serves as the treasurer, secretary director, and chair of the organization. Trucept offer services such as recruitment coaching, unemployment and payroll taxes, employees training, and insurance claims management.

Brian Bonar has also been involved with several companies including Dalrada Financial Corporation where he has served as the director for 20 years and the American Management Services LLC where he is one of the founders.

Trucept effectively serves its clients through companies such Track Automated Services Inc. (STASI), Smart Trek Services Inc., and Smart Trek Service Solutions Corp. Bonar ensures that Trucept is steered towards the right direction. He has ensured that the company’s assets are secure by constantly expanding its client base.

Mr. Bonar is a role model to his employees and also to other entrepreneurs who desire to be like him. Bonar has a passion for what he does, and this is clear from his willingness to pass his knowledge to his employees and other entrepreneurs as well.

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