You Can Visit Loved Ones In Correctional Facilities Through Videoconferencing With Securus Technologies

If you have a loved one who is doing time at a correctional facility and you want them to still be a part of your Christmas celebration, you can do so through a video visitation platform. Instead of having to travel miles out of your way and wait to be cleared to visit your loved one, you can bring them to the comfort of your own home through Securus’s video visitation platform. Securus video visitation only requires that you have a webcam and internet connection, and you can signup for any time that’s convenient for you and your loved one.


Video visitation is becoming important for inmates and their families. Now young children can share moments of their childhood in real time with a parent who might be doing time, and inmates who simply want to do their time and get through their sentence are given encouragement throughout their time. Video visitation can also save money for families and inmates by eliminating travel expenses and other costs that come with traveling.


Securus Technologies has included many other inmate communication platforms along with video visitation. They’ve been servicing corrections facilities since 1986 covering thousands of locations not only in Texas, but across the nation. Securus’s technicians are highly trained, and even just recently some have enrolled in the BICSI Installer 1 program for installing telecommunications media. Securus has built a reliable system that keeps inmates connected to their families, and corrections officers on the alert.


Securus has rolled out inmate tablet systems that are secure and can connect to commissary purchases, enrolling in online courses, and purchasing prepaid phone minutes. Securus’s platform also allows them to receive electronic messaging, voicemail, and electronic deposits. Securus closely monitors communications through the THREADS and Investigator Pro software, ensuring that no threats or illegal activities are taking place.


Securus Technologies, Leading the Way through Video Visitation

How about having a face-to-face communication with an inmate at the comfort of your home? Wonder no more, as Securus video visitation has made that possible. The application is web-based and provides the most convenient and easiest way to video chat with a loved one in prison. The system works on tablets and smartphones and allows members to share their good moments with their friends in correctional facilities. Events like birthdays and sports can now be shared live, and discussions can be done online, thanks to the new application.


The face-to-face communication is preferred by many people because by seeing the face of the other person, you can tell a lot about how he is doing. The developers of the system have created short videos showing how the application makes life more enjoyable. In one of the short video, a father who is in prison is able to watch his son perform, and the performance is dedicated to the father. With such inventions in the modern world, inmates would be aware of the changes that happen in their homes, and among family members. When an inmate has a birthday, it can be celebrated through the application.


The system solves the problem of traveling to and from prisons, and the longs lines experienced when one visits the facility. I fully support such invention as they make life easier, and promote humanity and connection with our imprisoned loved ones. The onsite visitation option allows for pre-scheduling of visitation to avoid long wait hours. We need more of such application. Software developers should take up this challenge to enhance humanity.


Securus Technologies

This is the company behind great inventions with humanity at heart. The company dedicates its resources towards improving the connection of people and their loved ones in prison. It believes that inmates are humans too and they deserve the love that everyone is craving for. The inventions and services are all dedicated to improving connectivity with inmates. Their voicemail service enables people to leave messages for their loved ones in prison, and they are able to listen to the message later on. Any news can be left on a voicemail for an inmate to receive in prison. The video visitation has made it even better by allowing inmates to see and speak virtually with their loved ones. More technology firms should emulate Securus Technologies in helping to improve the lives of inmates. This will make it easier for family members, and friends outside.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.