Jeunesse Global Direct Sales Model

There are numerous new companies starting in the health and beauty industry. This is an industry that has gone through various changes over the past few years. Many customers today are willing to pay a lot of money for quality products and services to improve their overall appearance.

Jeunesse Global is one of the best companies in this industry. Although the company is still small, it is growing quickly and has a nice portfolio of products to choose from. In addition, the direct sales model of Jeunesse Global allows passionate customers to make additional money by selling products to other people. Follow Jeunesse Global on Facebook.

Diret Sales Options

There are many people who need extra cash to pay for monthly expenses. One of the best ways to increase your income is to take on another job or start a business. This is exactly what Jeunesse Global allows you to do. There are many examples of people who make hundreds or thousands of dollars per month by selling Jeunesse Global products.

If you want to have success with this strategy, you have to be willing to work hard and market your business. Some people wrongly assume that putting up a simple website will lead buyers to purchase products from them.


Next Stage of Growth

With the rapid growth of the company so far, Jeunesse Global leaders want to maintain the current growth rate. The company’s supply chain must have the resources to ship additional products in the future. In the past, the company has had delays shipping products simply because the overall demand was much higher than expected from customers.

Social Media

Another factor that has improved the growth rate of Jeunesse Global is social media. There are many people who go to social media to promote these products. When potential customers see the products applied, they are much more likely to pay for the products themselves. Now is a great time to take your health and appearance to the next level by purchasing Jeunesse Global products. Watch this video on

Preventative Health Screening: The Ideal Option for a Long, Healthy Life

Preventive health screenings involve check-ups, testing and patient counseling relevant in averting a disease, or detecting health problems at an early point when treatment is likely to be most effective. The screening tests find diseases before you have symptoms. LifeLine Screening is a renowned health services provider that offers affordable, convenient, and painless screenings.

LifeLine Screening offers three types of preventative health screenings:

  1. Ultrasound Screenings

Ultrasound—also referred to as sonography—is a technology that uses sound waves to show organs in the body. During the ultrasound process, a technician transmits high-frequency sound waves to a particular part of the body, and records the returning echoes.LifeLine Screening employs high-tech Doppler color flow ultrasound technology for the following:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening
  • Bone mineral density screening (for osteoporosis risk)
  • Ankle-brachial index testing (for peripheral arterial disease)
  • Carotid artery disease screening

      2. Fingerstick Blood Screenings

This screening is crucial in identifying significant risk factors for diabetes and heart disease. You get your results in less than 10 minutes since LifeLine employs the use of FDA-approved instruments that are lab-accurate, and are used all over the country by other major companies and laboratories. The screenings involve pricking the soft pad of the finger to take a few drops of blood.You can also follow them on twitter :

Also, LifeLine avails the following blood screenings:

  • Glucose screening—measuring blood sugar levels to evaluate diabetes risk
  • Complete lipid panel screening—measures both “good” and “bad” cholesterol, and triglycerides.
  • Elevated liver enzymes screening
  • High-sensitivity C-reactive protein screening—to check for heart disease

3. Limited Electrocardiograph

To check for elevated risks of stroke, LifeLine tests for an irregular heartbeat by conducting an EKG. The technology employed here is quick, non-invasive, and doesn’t require you to remove any clothing.Since 1993, LifeLine Screening has offered more than 8 million health screenings. Most of the beneficiaries of these screening services boast of the many risks they evaded because they were able to detect the problem before it landed on them. CEO Encourages People To Cleanse And Embrace A Raw Food Diet is an online company that helps people to find the solutions to their health issues. They specialize in supplements and a special cleanse that helps to remove toxins and allow the body to work effectively. Their belief is that the body has the ability to be amazingly strong and healthy and only when it is in this state will it be able to prevent illness and work with medical treatments to recover from diseases. was founded in 2004 and is led by CEO A.D. Dolphin. They are one of the top online suppliers of herbal supplements in the world. Millions of people have lost weight and improved their overall health thanks to their 20-Day Full Body Cleanse. The company’s product was listed by Shape Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Detox Diets of 2014”. The CEO even appeared on the Steve Harvey Morning Show in 2017 to discuss the importance of cleansing.

Dherbs CEO, A.D. Dolphin, Gives You the Raw Facts About Cleansing on the Steve Harvey Show

A.D. Dolphin was requested to appear after the host, Steve Harvey, was able to lose 12 pounds using the Full Body Cleanse. Harvey credited his success to Dolphin because of his personal coaching along the way. The Dherbs CEO used the appearance to teach viewers how to prepare their own raw food meals, a necessity during the 20-day cleanse. His recipes included unique offerings like zucchini noodles, walnut tacos and much more.  All of these recipes are on as well as their Pinterest page here:


Incorporating recipes like these into any diet will help people improve their nutrition. It is even more important during the cleanse because it prevents participants from adding more toxins into their system while they are attempting to cleanse.


Anyone interested in improving their health, regaining their energy and losing weight can visit to purchase the cleanse and additional supplements. The website also offers helpful articles full of useful tips and delicious recipes to use while on the cleanse and after.