Oncotarget Making a Difference in Oncology and other Clinical Diseases Research Findings

Cancer is wide and very complex to discuss broadly in one journal. There was a need to come up with a specific journal that mainly focused on only the relevant cancer fields. This saw the birth of Oncotarget, which is a publication by Impact Journals that mainly focuses on oncology and other cancer research papers. Oncology is the primary research topic of Oncotarget journal but it also publishes research findings on pathology, endocrinology, immunology, neuroscience, cardiology and physiology among others. It covers a wide scope of clinical, translational and basic research findings making it one of the best and widely read journal on oncology today.

The journal, currently archived in PubMed, has had a major impact on many people and is

among the top 50-oncology journals in the world today. Its ability to avail research findings complete with all the scientific reviews makes it an asset for people in the field of oncology and other cancer diseases to share the discoveries fast and act on the findings. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

One of the main benefactors of Oncotarget is the Gordon Research Conference, which the

journal sponsors. In the year 2015/2016, Oncotarget generated a record 10452 citations with an impact factor of 5.008. This proves that the journal is widely read and the articles published have high impacts on the readers. In its first year of publication alone, impact did well by ranking at 4.78. According to ResearchGate, the half-life citations of the Oncotarget are 2.40 with an immediate Index of 0.57, an Eigen factor of 0.01, and an article influence of 1.72. The current journal impact stands at 3.45.

One of the most notable upcoming January 2018, publications in Oncotarget is “C-Kit receptor and trypaste expressing mast cells correlate with angiogenesis in breast cancer patients” by Ilaria March, Michele Ammendola, and Christian Leporine among others.

Other past publications include “YM155 exerts potent cytotic activity against quiescent (G0/G1) multiple myloma and bortezomib resistant cells via inhibition of surviving and Mcl-1” by Miyuki Ookura, Tatsuya Fulji, Hideki Yagi and Zakira Yoshida among other authors.

Due to the high demand for the journal, its publication frequency is now two issues every week. This only goes to show that the scientific information published in Oncotarget is widely acceptable and plays a big role in oncology research and other clinical research findings.

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