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The success of USHealth Advisors marketing efforts of the USHealth Group has brought about some really crafty agents that have allowed citizens the privilege of some of the most affordable health care insurance in the nation. Agents who have brilliantly and effectively presented health care coverage plans – unlike other companies of its kind – has been extremely appreciated by its customers and has presented the company well, while receiving a pretty handsome salary.

US Health Advisors is actively pitching to the self-employed, the small business owners and the employees of these businesses. It’s a niche solution of opportunity that doesn’t get any better, providing exclusive plans and deals to best accommodate clients of such structure. For over 35 years, customers have been in awe at the specialty opportunities and have brought their families onboard as well, graced with diverse sufficient coverage that has allowed them the satisfaction above measure for every family member. Follow USHealth Advisor on Twitter

For the ever so frequent health care growing needs, US Health Advisors is there to meet costs without worry. It is totally understood the changing costs in the healthcare industry. And with up-to-date standards, policy holders’ plans will meet a market’s fluctuating habit to best provide adequate coverage for them and their family to continue satisfactory health care services.

The US HEALTH company as a whole is fantastic. As an agent of USHealth Advisors, they are privileged with the outstanding support of corporate, exceedingly impressive as compared to other healthcare marketing business types. Definitely a component of the business that an agent can be confident about, knowing that if a policy holder has a question or a concern they can get quick turnaround responses to best satisfy their curiosity. Customer service has always been a huge advantage of USHealth Group. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

As an agent, the income is fantastic. Expect, if hard work and proper strategic practices are applied, to bring home a 6-figure income. USHEalth Advisors works alongside every agent to ensure proper representation. A great privilege as an agent is its clientele list. Agents are granted access to a list of prospects who are actually interested – all the agent has to do is sell them. Pretty neat. The average salary of an agent is just over $71,000.

The health care plan of US Health Group is one to definitely consider for small businesses, entrepreneurs and the employees of such. With many opportunities available to policyholders, the agents are definitely in for a great experience of information offering and high salary acquisition. Visit the website for further details.


A Brief Rundown of What USHEALTH Advisors Is

USHEALTH Advisors is an insurance provider operating within the United States of America that offers health insurance coverage for individuals and families alike, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, any other demographical characteristics, or preexisting conditions. This American organization was created nearly a decade ago as Security Health Advisors, changing its name to its current title in 2011. Its mission is shortened to the acronym HOPE, which stands for Helping Other People Everyday, doing so through offering affordable-yet-quality insurance policies for low-income, large-family, insert-characteristic-here families in the United States.

This reputable organization holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, the highest rating any company, corporation, or organization in the United States can receive from the agency. Such a high rating means that USHEALTH Advisors always resolves any problems customers might have in a timely manner, and to a level that meets their every need. According to the BBB’s official website at, USHEALTH Advisors has 4.59 stars out of 5.00 possible from sixteen reviews.

At USHEALTH Advisors, salaries of independent contractors, executives, and employees alike are all considerably high for the insurance industry, resulting in services offered with higher quality than those of most other insurance providers in the United States of America. Contractors acting as insurance agents take home about $85,000 per year, standard employed insurance agents bring in $70,000 on average, licensed agents earning a mean annual salary of $80,000 even, sales managers just over $69,000 per year – the list of exceedingly high salaries doesn’t end at USHEALTH Advisors. Learn more about  USHealth Advisor  at Crunchbase.

USHEALTH Advisors, LLC, is currently operated out of Fort Worth, Texas, and led by President and Chief Executive Officer Troy McQuagge. Mr. McQuagge has worked in the insurance world since the early ’80s, bouncing around executory roles at three agencies since 1983, when he started at Allstate Insurance Company after earning a bachelor’s degree from the reputable postsecondary institution, the University of Central Florida.

The insurance policy provider maintains two lines of subsidiaries, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance, throughout the United States of America, in addition to its’ self-named USHEALTH Advisors locations.

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Troy McQuagge: The Best CEO in Health Insurance Industry

McQuagge`s One Planet Award

The CEO of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge was recognized as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the year. He was awarded during the prestigious One Planet Awards. Various organizations, including private, public, profit and non-profit firms, can submit their nominations.

After Joining USHEALTH Group, in 2010, Mr. McQuagge improved the performance of the organization. He rebuilt the firm`s advisors, captive distribution agencies. His efforts of restructuring USHEALTH`s advisors earned him a good reputation. He was appointed as the CEO of the firm in 2014. In his 3-year reign, USHEALTH has recorded remarkable success. The firm has grown its operational parameters, increased profit and developed a competitive insurance market, for individual health.

Troy McQuagge was happy to be recognized, in the esteemed industry, by One Planet Awards. He congratulated every employee at USHEALTH Group, who made the organization successful. The employees were dedicated to solving challenges, relating to healthcare affordability. USHEALTH provided innovative coverage to clients. The solution was successful because of its ability to grow, to cater for the increasing healthcare needs. Visit about ushealth news.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. Background Information

USHEALTH Group is one of the best insurance holding firms in the U.S. The company is located in Ft. Worth, Texas. The organization provides healthcare coverage to small-scale entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals. USHEALTH seeks to market profitable and competitive insurance products. It achieves the objective by combining its agents and employees` talents. USHEALTH offers high-level customer service, in all aspects of the firm`s operations.

One Planet Awards Background Information

One Planet Awards is a global program that honors the excellence of businesses and professionals in every industry. The honors are categorized in various sections, that include new products and services, corporate communication, marketing, PR, teams and executives. All organizations that apply for recognition can win the awards.

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About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is one of the best CEOs and corporate executives in the world. He was born in Panama City, Florida. McQuagge attended the University of Central Florida, where he acquired his Bachelors of Arts degree in 1983. After graduating, Troy joined Allstate Insurance Company. He executed his duties with excellence. In 1995, Troy was employed at United Insurance Companies (UICI) because of his success. He was nominated as the President of United Insurance Company`s Agency in 1997.

Troy worked at UICI until 2006, when the company was acquired by Health Markets Group (HM). He was retained as the manager of sales. One year later, Troy was appointed to be the President of Health Markets Group. Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH, as the CEO and President of the company, in 2010. Targeting employees and entrepreneurs under 65 years, Troy revolutionized the sales and profitability of health insurance.

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USHEALTH Group Subsidiaries and selection of Insurance Services

USHEALTH Group is among the largest companies found in Fort Worth, Texas. The company offer its clients an array of services through its two main subsidiaries National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. USHEALTH Group is highly committed to offer innovative insurance solutions and covers against life, illnesses, disabilities and accidents. The main clients of the company are small business owners, individuals, family groups and employees. USHEALTH Group has managed to offer customized services to an excess of 15 million customers for the last 5 decades.

USHEALTH Group offers different services to meet the needs of various clients. The company has equally come up with innovate product designs with the core aim of extending the customer base. Important to note is that USHEALTH Group is a family of company that is overly committed to make insurance services more affordable, flexible and available to many people.

USHEALTH Group is handy for those clients who seek insurance products with first dollar protection offers. The company also offers a wide range of accident and diseases coverage plan selections. This fundamentally demonstrates the company’s continual commitment to satisfy all clients. The common coverage products offered at USHEALTH Group include Income Protector, Short Term Accident Disability Income, Critical Illness, Accident, Vision Plans, and Dental plans among others.

USHEALTH Group through its subsidiaries prides in close customer relations. The company has managed to sustain its quality and maintained customer loyalty and trust. Various subsidiary own the rights of distinct products. This level of ownership guarantees clients with an exclusive buying experience through licensed agents that work as USHEALTH Advisors subsidiary. The advisors undergo a specialized product training program and become certified before executing their respective duties. This procedure is vital in sustaining professionalism in the company’s operations.

USHEALTH Advisors is a widely recognized global leader for innovation, business growth and customer care services. The rate of client subscription in the company is steadily rising as a result of growing insurance coverage needs. Customer service at USHEALTH Group is one of the key players in the company’s exemplary performance. Finally, the company has retained impressive portfolio and received high-end ratings from Better Business Bureau.

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