Cleansing Conditioner Put to the Test

If you’ve ever stayed up late enough to catch the Sephora infomercials for the hair care line WEN hair by Chaz Dean, you’re probably familiar with the product’s claim to transform hair of all types into luscious, shiny locks. Emily McClure decided to put WEN to the test on Bustle, and see if it could transform her thin hair like the women in the ad.

With formulations for every hair type, WEN Hair [see,] promises to bring out the best in every woman’s hair, boosting volume, adding shine, and making hair easier than ever to style. The cleanser is meant for regular use to repair damaged hair, and maintain its health and beauty in one, simple step.

Looking to improve her thin, frizzy hair, Emily documented her daily use of WEN for 7 days with ultimately positive results. At first alarmed that the amount of product she was required to use would further weigh-down her hair, she was happy to find that when she used WEN in the morning, her hair felt fuller and looked shiny and healthy after a blow dry and style. WEN worked well with her regular products, and though her curls fell faster, she was pleased with the outcome and received compliments on the improvement of her hair. Wen hair is available on Amazon.

When she chose to skip the morning shower and wash her hair at night, she found her fears realized, waking up with greasy roots the morning after. In the end, Emily would continue to use Wen hair on mornings that she wanted extra shine and volume, but decided that the girl who likes to hit the snooze a few times may need to change her routine to avoid oily locks.


Wen by Chaz Challenge

If you have thin hair, chances are you have looked into conditioning products that address this problem specifically, and you likely have seen advertisments on QVC about WEN hair by Chaz, which is without question one of the most famous hair products on the market. Wen by Chaz has been around for quite a long time and has pioneered the industry when it comes to giving both women and men that fuller, shinier hair that they are looking for. Emily McClure made a decision to give Wen by Chaz a shot and try it out for a week and document the results that she experienced, as originally posted by Bustle.

From the first day she tried the sephora sweet almond, she noticed that her hair felt a lot fuller when she was going about her day and that there was a distinct amount of extra shine. She stated that her hair did not cooperate on one of the days, but that the bulk of the week that she was using the conditioner, her hair felt better than it did while using her regular hair products in the shower. After going through the entire week of using Wen each and every morning, the majority of days she liked the way that her hair felt, although there was a few cases where she felt that her hair was a bit greasy. This, she thinks may have been a result of using a huge amount of the product, as it suggests that you use a lot more in terms of application during showering, as opposed to other hair conditioning products that she has used in the past. In the end, she felt that Wen hair by Chaz held true in terms of giving that fuller and shinier look that she was looking for, but said that she plans on using Wen only on particular days when she wants extra fullness.

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