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Richard Blair’s Tenure at Wealth Solutions

About Richard Blair

Located in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory company founded by Richard Blair. Wealth Solutions was created to bring a positive impact in the lives of small-scale business owners. Having grown up in a family with firsthand experience in education, Richard Blair became fascinated with the world of teaching at a tender age.

Considering that his mother, wife, and grandmother were once educationists, Richard has an extensive background in teaching. As such, he realized that education was instrumental to the growth of individual knowledge and confidence.

After identifying a gap in financial and investment planning, Richard Blair combined his natural knowledge in finance with his extensive background in education to help people develop investment plans. Upon graduating from college in 1993, Richard Blair began his career in the financial services industry.

Leveraging his natural gift in finance, Blair founded Wealth Solutions, a global-scale provider of objective and unbiased financial advisory services. Over the years, Richard Blair has honed his knowledge and expertise in retirement planning, as it has become an important life aspect. As a financial advisor, Blair advises employees and retirees on how to reduce the gap between retirement planning and retirement life. As such, he helps them to avoid common financial misappropriations through prescribed working strategies.

About Wealth Solutions

According to Drew Launey, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is a leading privately-owned investment advisory firm based in Austin-Texas. Since its inception, Wealth Solutions provides custom-tailored and comprehensive financial services to customers around the world. Wealth Solutions provides financial advisory services to high-net-worth individuals and small-scale business in Austin and its neighboring towns such as Georgetown, Marble Falls, and Bastrop.

As Wealth Solutions’ founder, Richard Blair is a duly registered financial advisor with a broad experience in financial services industry. Current estimates show that Wealth Solutions generates between $2.5 and $5 million in revenue every year.

As financial markets fluctuate, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions embarks on changing the existing financial strategies and adapting to the environmental changes. Since its inception in 2012, Wealth Solutions strives to provide preservative and dynamic solutions to the ever-evolving investment industry. These investment solutions help clients to increase their profits while minimizing the expected portfolio risk.

Besides, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions acknowledges retirement as an important stage of life; therefore, it helps clients to prepare their retirement plans. Considering that most customers seek to generate more income, preserve their wealth, and leave a legacy behind, Wealth Solutions assists its clients to develop an integrated financial plan that will help them to realize their retirement goals.