The Brown Agency Announces Combination with Heyman Talent-South

The Brown Agency has been relaunched by the group that has been acquired by its new owner Wilhelmina Austin have merged the Brown Agency with Heyman Talent-South. This is as the two largest agencies join forces to leverage their capabilities and strengths to make the Brown Agency the only full-service agency in the Austin area, and one of the few that exist in all of Texas. The company has Justin Brown at the helm and the company that was originally launched in August 2010 and is now one of the most respected and sought-after agencies to model for in all of Texas. The purpose of the agency is to provide models an opportunity to work at home without having to flock to either LA or NYC for work opportunities. The Brown Agency seeks to bring the modeling to the models, only requiring them to travel to the cities for work and allowing them to live in the location of their choice in Texas while still receiving quality coaching, management, and opportunities to grow their careers and expand their work.


The agency is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas with centers in other cities including Dallas. They have a large presence at many events in Los Angeles but allow talented models to find an agency that allows them to largely live in Texas while only having to go to Los Angeles for work and certain events that take place there. According to Market Wired, the agency prides itself on selecting the best managers and staff to give their models the best chance of success in their careers.




The Brown Agency is thrilled to be part of the new Heyman Talent-South family, and they are preparing to become a bigger agency with more marketing power to give their models more opportunities than they have had in the past, or would have if they were still separate agencies as they were before.


The Brown Agency has offered models some opportunities to model for some of the biggest brands in the world including Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and L’Oreal just to name a few. The agency offers models the opportunities to work in whichever lines of work fit them best including commercials, movies, TV shows, catalogues, magazines, runway shows, conventions, trade shows, promotional contents, and corporate events to name a few opportunities available to our models while allowing them to stay right here at home in Texas while they do it.

Fabletics By Kate Hudson: A Leading Disruptive Innovator Brand in the E-Commerce World

Fabletics is an online subscription e-commerce fashion brand owned by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The trio has done an outstanding job growing the venture from near obscurity to now having a verified net valuation of $250 million. That’s quite the progress especially if you factor in how the fashion e-commerce niche is hard to succeed in owing to the dominance of Amazon. The small fish quickly get overwhelmed and gobbled alive by the giant company, Amazon, valued to be worth close to $100B by industry analysts.


Fabletics on Twitter


As aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs, it makes perfect sense to scrutinize the exact business model used by Fabletics. That’s so you can learn valuable tips and pointers which will improve your brand’s chances of reaching out to more leads both online and offline as well. the brand stands out boldly for its customer care services and support department. Their social media is regularly updated and it contains nuggets of wisdom to ensure you get the latest fashion news as it breaks. Their Twitter handle currently has a following of over 20M followers.


Anticipating Trends



Clients get treated like royalty and feedback is something the management takes very serious. With time, Fabletics came to the realization that their physical stores were really losing on sales to their competitors online. The outlet started collecting the personal information of their existing clientele and that of the customers who simply walked in to do some window shopping. Using that info, the company would be able to do some research online, for instance, on their social media accounts to find out the fashion apparels they loved and where they shopped. The fashion brand would then send them tailor-made suggestions to their inboxes and emails based on the previous shopping trends of the customers.


Kate Hudson Speaks


That strategy transformed the game for Fabletics completely. They were able to amass an extensive database and using highly intuitive algorithms powered systems, they would match and pair customers with fascinating items as soon as they reached Fabletics warehouses. In the long run, the sales of the company picked pace. The sales went up by 43% in 2016, according to And, they’ve eliminated most of the dead stocks from their inventories.


Future of Fabletics


Kate Hudson gives excellent advice to young entrepreneurs looking to make a break in the e-commerce arena. For instance, she’s very passionate about working out, staying fit and exercising and to that end, she worked on the development of ultra-stylish yoga pants for her and others like her. These yoga stockings cost around $250 in their stores. Her hands on approach to her company’s affairs coupled with the help and assistance received from tech experts have caused a disruptive brand to rise and soar to the skies. Read the rest of her advice to future and present investors here.

EOS Reigns as a Leader in Lip Balm Industry

EOS ( lip balm is gaining a great amount of respect because this company has managed to build in a market where the competition is staggering. There are a number of consumer products that are designed to help anyone that has a problem with dry cracked lips. EOS leaders, in efforts to expand, knew that this company would be going up against a lot of other competitors. These entrepreneurs that started small, but this company is growing at a very interesting rate. Many people are dazzled by the bountiful amount of flavors that are available on Amazon online and stores such as Target and Wal-Mart with this brand. It is clear-cut evidence that this is one of the better brands of lip balm, and there is little that the competition can do right now about the lead that this company has. It has proven to be one of the most successful lip balm companies around, and there is an appreciation for what the founders of this lip balm have managed to do.

EOS lip balm has even created some innovative Disney-themed lip balm products. These are some of the best sellers from the EOS lip balm product line. Some of these products have even sold out and then resold on sites like eBay for hundreds of dollars. That is a sure sign that this is one of the companies that investors can depend on to grow in the coming years. This is a company that has been able to move in a completely new direction now that the lip balm products are taking off. The lotion and shaving cream products have done well over the years, but nothing compares to the success that EOS has experienced with the lip balm.

This company presents a number of different flavors, and that makes it a strong competitor. EOS is the new innovative lip balm leader.

Doe Deere’s Newest Additions To Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a unique brand that is changing the way women look and put makeup on. The company has been revolutionizing the way women wear makeup and get themselves out there. The color and the quality in material is always the best, and with their new makeup and hairstyles available, they are definitely taking their brand to a new level of development that will help make them unstoppable in the world of makeup. Lime Crime is a unique brand that can give you an amazing set of products for you to use.


Their new hair line is going to launch very soon. Unicorn Hair Dyes is going to be the best new addition to the brand because it’s going to give women the colors they have always wanted. Lime Crime is very well respected for their wide range of ways to change and improve self expression through makeup, but the beauty of this company is that they are always looking for new ways to do that. Expect brand new colors that deliver exciting mixes that can give your hair that extra pop.


Lime Crime is by far one of the best in the business for numerous reasons. Their new metallic shades are also being added to their current Diamond collection. These new beautiful colors will provide the perfect shade if you want a top of the line new set of makeup colors. The three colors are: Cleopatra, Acid Fairy, and Black Unicorn. These three are great because they provide users with top of the line colors that you’re going to love.


The hair dye and the new makeup are definitely perfect additions to making Lime Crime a more complete makeup brand.


Lime Crime began with Doe Deere barely having $20 dollars to her own name. She was a struggling makeup artist who genuinely just wanted to provide people with a way to express themselves. She is truly a unique woman who built this brand all on her own from the ground up. She truly is an inspiration that is going to change how businesses work, and she will eventually impact more people.

Kate Hudson Marches Forth With Fabletics and Holds Off the Competition

Amazon is the company that everyone seems to know a little something about. It has become the online store that sells everything that consumers need, and most customers appears to be quite happy with what this company is bringing to the market. There are customers that are interested in products like athletic clothing, and Fabletics is the brand that is slowly starting to build a customer base for these type of consumers. Everyone is aware of what Amazon has been doing, but many people are still not familiar with Fabletics. Fortunately, there is a co-founder by the name of Kate Hudson that is planning to change all of this. She plans to take her time and improve upon the brand that already has more than a million customers.


The thing that really makes Kate Hudson a force to be reckoned with as her confidence in her brand. She is someone that is actively involved in the development of things like the active wear line. She is not one of the co-founders that is sitting around waiting for someone to bring her ideas. To the contrary, she has become someone that is as well vested in Fabletics as CEO Jeff Bezos is invested in Amazon.


She is planning to go head-to-head with him and anyone else that may be looking to compete in the female workout clothing arena. Kate Hudson is doing something different from what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is doing. She is getting herself out there and appearing in the commercials for the Fabletics clothing brand. This is something that takes her clothing line to another level because customers can relate when they see a face of a celebrity that is taking interest in this brand. She is using her star power to appeal to a lot of people that may otherwise have overlooked this brand. That is good marketing for the Fabletics brand because it allowed other celebrities to also chime in on this brand.


Supermodel Chrissy Teigen has spoken openly about how she is thrilled to be wearing clothes from Fabletics for working out. That is a huge boost when one considers the millions of people that are following Chrissy on her social media platform. Kate Hudson has a passion for this business of selling clothes. She is doing what it takes to build the brand even if it takes a launch of more physical stores. Some people in the business world may assume that this is going to be a difficult transition, but Kate Hudson knows what other people may have not figured out yet. She knows that she is selling a product that some people just are not going to buy online because they cannot try it on. That is why she is opening more stores. She wants women to have the ability to try these clothes on. She also wants to be able to improve what is happening when it comes to the subscription services. The sales consultants in stores can boost subscription services.

Kate Hudson Makes it Easy to Love Fabletics

Some clothing brands are easier to love than others. There is a reason for that. It has much to do with the people that are backing these brands. There are a ton of celebrities that put their name on jeans and dresses, but many of these people are just a name that is associated with a brand. Kate Hudson is the person that has managed to make people love her brand. She has taken Fabletics to the next level by pushing the brand into stores. She is talking with magazines, and this has made people recognize the Coupon Cabin brand.

Hudson has become a person that is serious about making people see how her Fabletics brand is different from the competition. There are people that are interested in the active wear that is presented by Kate Hudson. There are going to be a lot of people that try on the clothes and they will realize that they can do more than exercise in these garments. That is what Hudson talks about in the Marie Claire interview. She has managed to build a presence in the industry as one of the best designers of clothing for an active crowd.

A lot of people just go through the motions buying gym wear, but Kate Hudson has a true movement. She has made clothing that people can run errands in. Some of these clothes are even suitable for work environments. All of this has made people look at the brand and the innovation that has been put into this brand. Kate Hudson is a smart businesswoman, and she knows the ropes. She has been able to design a brand that has a lot of stretchy material. She has made clothes that have performance material, and that makes these yoga pants and active wear quite comfortable for lounging. It also makes the clothes ideal for any type of exercising.

Kate Hudson is not alone. She has a lot of competition, but that is not what she is worrying about. The numbers were already in before she started building up all of these stores. The consumer base was growing with the website, but now there are even more people that are discovering Fabletics because of the connection with JustFab.

Hudson is excited about how the brand is evolving. She has done all that she can to promote Fabletics by appearing in commercials and modeling the clothes. With Hudson, the brand can go very far. It just takes a little time for people to start noticing what the brand has to offer. People are going to find this out with the subscription services. This is where people will be able to get clothes once a month. 

Wengie Taking the Internet by Storm

There was a time in America where beauty was to be found in fashionable salons and high-end women’s clothing stores where live models showcased the most fashionable styles of designers from Paris and Milan. At that time glamor was the realm of the famous or rich, and young beauties were referred to as natural beauties who would eventually mature and become patrons of the salons and high-end shops. Then came the revolution of the 1960’s. The culture of the day came face to face with those who would tear down all barriers; religion, the establishment and even what was considered to be fashionable and in style. Individualism was born.
Today we have numerous proponents of the post-goth age who are tacitly rewriting the laws of fashion. One of these new savants is Wengie, an Austrian-Chinese twenty-something who moved from a successful career in marketing to an even more successful career on the Internet. Wengie is an industry. Visit her webpage and you will be presented not only with Wengie but products, clothes, perfumes, make-up, and insight into today’s fashion. She sums it all up by rephrasing an Albert Einstein dictum. He said, “there is nothing unique about being unique“. Wengie says in effect being unique is over rated. Which is a bit disingenuous. Remember she is the after product of the revolution which took place in the 60’s and back then being different was prized.
Wengie is a brand and has more than one million followers.