President Maduro Announces Three-day Weekends in 60-day Plan.

Venezuela has been experiencing extremely dry conditions this year, which has caused the hydroelectric power system to be under tremendous stress in providing enough power for Venezuela. The plant is under such stress that President Nicolas Maduro announced this week that the country will come under a 60-day plan to amend the situation.

The next eight Fridays will be declared public holidays according to, which is encouraging news to Norka Luque. This will make a three-day weekend for the next two months where factories would be required to use 20 percent less power, and the malls and hotels would run on generators to save energy. This is a mandate across the country, so Norka Luque and Maduro hope that families, youth and all individuals will join together to assist in ensuring that Venezuela has sufficient power.

Weather experts report that this drastic weather situation has been caused the El Nino weather system, which affects the entire planet in a variety of ways.  This may sound high, but if the water level falls to 787 feet, the turbines will need to be shut off to avoid causing damage to them.