George Soros’s Pro-Clinton Campaign Donations

Financier Soros has played a major role in Hillary Clintons’ presidential campaign against Donald Trump. Throughout the electioneering and campaigning period, the billionaire together with pro-Hillary groups raised a substantial amount of money to be channeled in the campaigns. They raised $24 million in a matter of six months, which $2 million was George Soros contribution. Super-PAC is Hillary’s formation to steer her campaigns through ads and laying down information to the public in the media stream to attacker opponent. All through George Soros remained critical through his financial support and influence on the Democratic Movement to ensure Hillary’s win to the White House. The latter’s support for Hillary is unwavering which is evidenced by his many and huge contributions in different pro-Clinton groups on

Noting the prowess portrayed by presidential nominee, Clinton, in conducting successful fundraisings on Forbes, the super PAC managed to raise $45 million in the initial 3-months of the presidential race. Hillary’s ability to raise funds to drive her campaigns is indispensable and can never be doubted. The fundraising was facilitated by some mega-donors allied to the Democratic Movement on As an implication, the moment caused for motivation to the super PAC group to gang up support in a bid to encourage campaign development for the Democratic presidential nominee.

Investor Soros’s financial contributions usually send a strong signal for what he stands for as an individual. Among the mega-donors, only the Hungarian-born investor has shown the immense willingness to write an eight-figure check in the political arena purposely for campaigning. To prove his true measure of commitment on Politico, records revealed in 2004 the billionaire financier donated more than $20 million in just one year to ensure the former President George W. Bush was ousted for a Democrat. Even after being faced with failure, he is an elite political donor and is looked upon by other major-donor Democrats and is viewed as the initiator.

With the 2016 presidential campaigns taking shape, donations are to be cultivated being an essential factor in the election. It is concluded to the assumption gained by the PAC members in taking up the responsibilities that are conventionally played by campaigns.

Referring to earlier donations by Soros in various groups such as Working America, sources reveal details on the relationship with the group by making a contribution of $ 150,000 from the investors own pocket in 2006. Later in 2008 donated $400,000 in an organization to drum up support and fund campaigns for Obama-then- Democrat presidential candidate together with other political candidates on Democrats party.