The Ultimate Roberto Santiago’s Investment

What is the ultimate goal of working? It is to have a fulfilling life and comfort. Sometimes people spend a lot of time working and leave no time for leisure. Research confirms that business people who take time off their working hours to have some fun are more productive, compared to those with a continuous routine. It also gives us time to bond with our families. With the busy business schedules, most individuals do not set aside such time. Roberto Santiago wanted his people to have the luxury of having a recreational facility that they would access anytime.

Roberto Santiago’s fame began early in his life. He began as a blogger. Santiago is very creative and, therefore, sent very captivating and informative articles. The blogging activities attracted a big audience for him. However, he is popular because of his Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall investment.

The Roberto Santiago changed the life of Joao Pessoa people completely. He aimed to ensure that the residents did not have to travel long distances to access fun joints. The investment seems to have covered way past that. It exceeded his expectations.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is an all season fun facility. It is a place that you want to be all your weekends and holidays throughout the year. You cannot exhaust the fun that the mall brings along. The mall is not built for a certain age or group of people. The mall has everyone covered.

The mall has approximately 280 premises. The size of the mall has led the residents naming it the small city. You can survive in the mall for months and never need anything outside. There are financial facilities, colleges, healthcare centers, food courts, theaters, gyms, playing stations just to name a few.

Many occupants hold family outings here because of the many activities they can engage in together. They are beautiful views that people can capture lovely moments together. Some families have a tradition of trying out a different type of food every time they visit the mall. The food court of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has been revised sometimes. This is to ensure that they cover all the modern and traditional foods in Brazil.

The Maniara Mall has changed the lives of the occupants. They are now the hosts of entertainment in Brazil. Besides the entertainment, the economic sector has also benefited. The mall has attracted numerous investors in the area.

The occupants have, therefore, an added advantage of employment opportunities. The pool of manufactures has also intensified competition. The manufacturers, therefore, have a duty to provide quality products to dominate the market. The competition has also led to fair prices to the people.

Investors should emulate Roberto Santiago and improve the welfare of his people through their investments.


Swiss Start-up Manager and Founder-Mike Baur

He is a businessman, and very passionate about the young people. Mike Baur was born in and raised in Freiburg Switzerland. He has been business minded since he was young. At the age of 16, Mike began his banking career when he joined UBS serving as an apprentice. After his High School graduation, Mike Baur has an opportunity to pursue his dreams and joined Rochester University as well as Bern University where he studied business and graduated with a business degree from both educational facilities. At the beginning of his career; Mike was very ambitious and he exactly knew what he wanted to achieve in life. He went ahead to explain which and what positions he would love to hold in the banking and finance sector before attaining the age of 30.

Mike Baur continued to work for UBS as he sharpened his finance and banking skills and he was lucky to climb the career ladder before attaining 30 years of age. Mr. Baur was responsible for advising the wealthy individuals of Switzerland on financial matters. Mike got another opportunity to serve at Clariden Leu immediately he quitted UBS. Despite doing well in the banking and financial industry and getting numerous promotion; Mike decided to quit the industry and engage in what he loves doing; helping the young investors reach their full potential. In 2014 Mike Baur together with two of his friends; Max Meister, and Oliver Walzer established Swiss Start-up Factory with a primary mandate of offering help to the ambitious and aspiring techs in Switzerland.

Swiss Start-up factory is the unique incubators because according to the founders it is an independent body. The organization helps the young techs by funding their projects, providing g free office space in Switzerland’s biggest city, offer training, as well as three months mentorship. The beneficiaries gain a lot form the Start-up program, they are able to learn how to market their products as well as services, connect with other business people all over the world, as well as gain knowledge on how they can get fund from other stockholders. Mike together with his team has the biggest responsibility of encouraging the young entrepreneurs to participate in pitching contests. Mike Baur is a major contributor to Swiss Start-up Factory and other organizations which include; BV4, as well as Think Reloaded. Mike Baur’s efforts have been of a great benefit to many young entrepreneurs who have been able to instrument and polish revolutionary technological ideas.


Mike Baur Uses His Own Life Lessons to Benefit Other Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur understands what it is like to take an idea from its conception and turn it into something outstanding. He is, after all, a Founding Partner of the Swiss Start-up Factory. It is not uncommon to see reference to Baur’s extensive experience in the financial industry and understand how he came to be so heavily involved in a company that helps to get startups off the ground. What is often surprising to people is that the executive gave up his promising career to dedicate himself entirely to this endeavor.


The launch of the Swiss Start-up Factory occurred in 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland. It was seeking excited and innovative entrepreneurs that were in need of funding and advice for their digital projects. The company opened its doors to all types of startups from all over the world. The participants had to agree to take part in a 90-day program that includes coaching, networking and long term mentoring. There are many other benefits included and the process continues the same today as it did when it began.


Swiss-born Baur is a graduate of Bern University and the University of Rochester. In 1991 he began his official career with the Union Bank of Switzerland as an apprentice. Baur was only in his twenties at this time and already a noted financial expert. He worked within the industry and continued to advance his career. All the while he sought out startups and invested in their efforts when he found entrepreneurs with potentially lucrative ideas.


Baur was not impressed with the unbending traditions in the banking industry. He felt they left themselves vulnerable by remaining too strict about following outdated practices. He also wished to pursue his own dreams of entrepreneurship as he helped others to do the same. Baur teaches others at the Start-up Factory what he has already discovered through his own career. Adaptability is a necessity, risks and setbacks are common and nothing happens by coincidence. Progress is made only with a dedicated effort. Baur contributed that effort both to his banking career and with his start-up funding organization. He hopes to inspire others to give the same level of energy to following their own dreams.


The Success Story of Anthony Petrello

Only talented individuals have the ability to handle an array of responsibilities. Anthony Petrello is one of those individuals. Currently, he is serving as the president, CEO, and chairman of the board and executive committee of Nabors Industries.

About Nabors Industries

The company traces its headquarters in Hamilton, Bermuda and it’s the largest geothermal and natural gas drilling company in the world. The company was established in 1968 as Anglo Energy, Ltd. It has operations in America, Africa, Middle East and the Far East. The company changed its name from Anglo Energy in 2000.

Tony’s Progress in Career

Anthony Petrello began his career in 1979 after joining Baker & McKenzie law firm. During his career at the company, he was the managing partner of the New York branch. He later joined Nabors Industries as a COO in 1991. In 1992, Anthony was appointed the president of the company. He was later elected the deputy chairman of the company in 2003, a position he held until June 2012. In 2011, Mr. Petrello assumed office as the company’s CEO. Besides working at Nabors Industries, he is also the director of Stewart &Stevenson, LLC and also the Director of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony’s Journey in Philanthropy

Anthony Petrello began working with Texas Children’s Hospital after his daughter was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL). Tony and his wife were motivated to seek for answers to this condition. Therefore, they began working with the hospital and the Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. Tony and his wife donated $5 million to facilitate the research and promised to give more donations.

Best Paid CEO in 2015

Tony is one of the best-paid CEOs in the world. His annual compensation in 2015 was $27,512,939. Out of the total compensation, $1,580,077 was received as salary, $7,727,000 as bonus, $16,863,656 received as stocks and $1,342,206 as other forms of compensation.

Educational Background

Tony did his first degree in BS from Yale University and his second MS from Yale University. His BS and MS were in mathematics. He also has attended Harvard Law School and pursued a J.D degree. At the age of 61 years, Anthony Petrello was a member of three Boards in three different organizations across four different industries.

At Look At Brazilian Construction Giant Construcap

Construcap, founded in 1944, is a Brazilian construction company that builds both private and public structures. The three sectors of construction that they do work in are building, energy, and infrastructure projects. The company is one of the 10 biggest construction companies in Brazil and has also been one of the most profitable.

Among the recent projects that Construcap has built is the Minas Arena which is only the second sports arena in the world to earn the Leed Platinum Certification Seal. In order to obtain this certification, Construcap had to build the arena in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. The only other sports stadium that has achieved this certification, which is the highest Leed certification there is, was the University of Texas stadium on Facebook.

One of the actions that Construcap took during building the Minas Arena was to build it in such a way that there is a free flow of air circulation which means the air conditioning does not have to be turned on nearly as much. Construcap also installed a drainage system into the arena that captures and stores rainfall which is used in toilets, urinals, and for irrigating the field. The construction company also installed solar panels on the roof of the stadium that generates enough power to provide electricity for 1,200 homes. They also took waste into account by installing a collection and disposal system that will enable 90% of the waste to be recycled according to YouTube.

In order to remain one of the most competitive construction companies in Brazil, Construcap is constantly training its employees in the latest construction and engineering technologies. Both the technical and operational personnel are kept up to date through a regular schedule of training courses and informational forums. Construcap at, as a socially responsible company, also trains locals near their new construction sites so that they can work on the project. Among the training they offer is painting and masonry wich is provided for both men and women. The people in training are also supplied by Construcap with everything they need to perform their job including uniforms, helmets, and work tools.

CopaStar Hospital Creates a 5-Star Experience

CopaStar Hospital looks like a 5 star hotel and feels like it. They are providing luxury with personalized care. CopaStar is offering the best services featuring modern technology and advanced efficiency from dedicated health professionals. Jorge Moll, President of the D’Or network of hospitals, states, “We are going to create a new paradigm of the five-star hospital, both in terms of equipment and patient influx.” (The Rio Times, Nelson Belen, 25 Oct. 2016 Accessed 6 Feb. 2017.

CopaStar Hospital in Rio is estimated to be worth $400 million and will focus on becoming Brazil’s top hospital specializing in cardiology and neurology. With 9 operating rooms, 155 patient suites, 59 intensive care units, and state of the art equipment featuring a neurosurgery facility and smart operating rooms, CopaStar already is surpassing the top hospitals in Brazil. And with an app specifically designed for the hospital, CopaStar is making the patient experience ideal with the ability to us an iPad located on all the beds where the patient can control room settings such as lights and curtains, call the nurse, facetime the doctor, and even see the files for their exams. Along with the technological advances, CopaStar boasts a warm atmosphere with big natural light and works of art that are located throughout the entire hospital. Also, in the intensive care units, typically in hospitals those rooms are closed off giving the patient a feeling of isolation from the world outside. But at CopaStar, the intensive care units feature screens that have video access to what’s going on outside the hospital, functioning like windows.

CopaStar is proud of their focus towards ultra complexity and for creating an exclusive infrastructure. With comprehensive multidisciplinary care and advanced smart operating rooms and robotic telemedicine CopaStar is leading the field with innovative health care. Along with the gadgets and gizmos, CopaStar is has a staff of 550 featuring the best doctors, nurses and support personnel. All of the registered nurses receive two months of focused training to deal with typical issues and extreme simulated experiences to prepare them for a variety of situations. The rest of the staff receives continuous training and improvement sessions to guarantee the best care of the patients.

The future of personalized care with safety, agility and a full dedication to improvement of health is present at CopaStar. The hospital is offering comfort and compatibility for their patients and is hoping to open two more locations in Sao Paulo and Brasilia. CopaStar is offering complete care with smart technology and quality-integrated processes with the highest international standards to create the best hospital experience available. Be sure to hit Like on their Facebook page.

Cotemar Operations in Mexico

About Cotemar
Cotemar de C.V. is a company found in Mexico. Cotemar supplies offshore development oil fields with specialized boats. The company was started in 1979. It is located in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. Cotemar also performs rehabilitation and maintenance of semi-submersible platforms and offshore center facilities. The company provides accommodation and catering services to support the operations in specialized transport vessels. This Mexican company also serves the oil industry and has an experience of over 36 years. Cotemar specializes in Marine Maintenance and Operation, Construction and Engineering, as well as Air Transportation. Cotemar recently achieved 167 million USD profits in 2015 with a net profit of 85.6 million USD in the same year. The Mexican company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange code PRS tickers and plans to operate worldwide with thousands of estimated employees.

Cotemar S.A. DE C.V. Mexico Acquired Vessels from Grandweld Shipyards
Cotemar S.A. DE C.V. Mexico received four units 42 meter Aluminum Crew Boats on 14th September 2014. They were prearranged with the Grandweld Shipyards in June 2013.The 42 M Aluminum Crew Boats have inbuilt advanced navigation equipment including the EPA Tier 3 compliant main engines. The vessels offer larger deck space, VIP accommodation, luxury seating, and enhanced crew comfort. They are designed to meet the need of every client. The vessels can reach speeds of 26 knots. Each boat can carry sufficient fresh water and fuel, one hundred workers, and ninety tons of cargo. Cotemar will operate the four boats throughout the Mexican Gulf. It will collaborate with the United States Coast Guard and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

How the Pull out of Pemex from the Mexican Offshore Oil Development Business will affect Cotemar
Mexican media recently announced that Petróleos Mexicanos Pemex was going to cut its expenditures to adjust their budgets to the 25 dollar cost per barrel of oil. This has negatively affected the Cotemar S.A. de C.V. Cotemar as it will have to suspend the operations of the Safe Lancia in mid-March 2016 due to the rising oil prices. Cotemar’s other three vessels are also most likely to be dismissed into other suitable lay-up locations. Cotemar’s other vessels such as the Safe Britannia will also be demobilized out of Mexico for leasing. The Safe Hibernia and Jasminia will be prepared for cold-stacking in the United States. Cotemar is enthusiastic that the challenges in Mexico will get better soon and that it will be able to recover Mexican oil markets.

Malini Saba: Overcoming The Past And Building From It

One thing that Malini Saba has stated is that the past is the past. One can’t try to change from it. However, she can learn from it. Malini has learned a lot from her past, especially in the business aspect of things. This is one of the reasons that she has developed her foundation called Stree. She wants to not only encourage women throughout the world, but also give them the tools and the assistance that they need. For one thing, women are faced with a lot of issues. Women not only have to deal with some discrimination, but they also have to deal with extra opposition when they pursue some of their own goals.


Malini has experienced a lot of success. One thing that she says about success is that one achieves success when she is doing what she wants and is enjoying it. Her biggest success is having her daughter. She shows that she loves her daughter in that she takes the time to raise her by herself. She does not pay for a nanny. She actually drops her child off at school and picks her child up when it is over. One of the things she is establishing is the importance of family.


Malini also has some valuable lessons to teach her daughter about business success For one thing, her path is a unique path that requires a lot of wisdom, and courage. One thing that she wants for her daughter is to achieve a similar level of success. She wants her daughter to enjoy the type of work she does so that she can actually build her own life.


One thing that has influenced Malini is having her daughter. It is having her daughter that makes her want the world to be a better place overall. This is one of the reasons that she is doing everything in her power to help others find something that will make them succeed. One thing that helps Malini is that she has a vision. Her vision is that of success and changing the world for the better. It is a long journey, but Malini may inspire others to walk a similar path.


The downturns of Devco

The previous month, Middlesex County Improvement Authority failed to repay one million dollars in interest and principle on a twenty million dollars it acquired from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The Improvement Authority had already accumulated an arrear racking up to seven million dollars for the last five years in missed payments.
This loan was made in 2005 to bankroll the construction of conference centre developed by a nonprofit called the New Brunswick Development Corp and The Heldrich, a New Brunswick hotel. The Senate President Stephen Sweeney has termed this occurrence as a paragon that emerges when public dollars are channelled through private organisations to execute large-scale construction.

The New Brunswick outfit is expected to oversee in excess of two hundred million in private and public financing to develop Gateway project in the city’s Chelsea section according to an article written on Press of Atlantic City. These two corporations are both controlled by attorney Chris Paladino who surprisingly arranged for the twenty million Heldrich loan.

Heldrich was opened in 2007 when economic downturn started. It has two hundred and thirty-five rooms but has struggled to attract clients. Its occupancy rate currently stands at sixty-three percent with its largest occupant being Johnson & Johnson who apparently is in the New Brunswick Development Corp.’s board of directors.

The twenty million CRDA loan was a small portion of the one hundred and seven million aimed at building Heldirch. The package comprised of seventy million municipal bonds given by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. These bonds were to be repaid by revenues from the hotel, but the hotel performance is very inimical.

In the meantime, the Atlantic County Improvement Authority is finalising the issuing of one hundred and twenty million in bonds for the same Gateway project. This will be aimed at building a Stockton University satellite campus and will be repaid through the sale of tax credits and dorm-room revenue. The management is, however, confident that they would not experience the same shortfalls.

Devco is an investment company that combines investment experience and industrial knowledge in creating success stories and active ownership. It strives to achieve active and long-term ownership by providing the required finances and operational board with an aim of taking the company to the next level.