Thor Halvorssen: Not Your Ordinary Activist

Thor Halvorssen, the founder of Human Rights Foundation, is not your ordinary activist. he is part dissident, part showman, and part visionary. While his main focus is taking down dictatorships around the world, he is also a film producer and has become a bit of a celebrity in the human rights movement.

Founded in 2005, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is dedicated to preserving the rights of all people throughout the world. Halvorssen has first-hand knowledge of how brutal living under a dictatorship can be. His father was tortured in a Venezuelan prison after exposing government corruption in that country.

Currently, Thor Halvorssen is focused on the Hermit Kingdom of North Korea. The citizens of this country are virtually closed off from the outside world. Thay have endured 70 yeas of rule under the Kim family and are currently in the midst of a decades-long famine. According to some reports, 3.5 million North Koreans have died from malnutrition since the early 90’s.

HRF has consistently been smuggling in goods to the North Korean activists. They deliver everything from USB drives to giant slingshots that are used to propel much-needed items across the river from China.

After North Korean hackers broke into the servers at Sony in retaliation for that company’s production of The Interview, Thor Halvorssen and HRF launched the “Hack Them Back” project. They raised money to disperse among the North Korean dissidents to help them in their cause of informing their countrymen and to depose the Kim dictatorship.

The Human Rights Foundation is focused on protecting human rights around the globe. It is especially focused on closed societies like North Korea.

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist and film producer. In addition to being president of the Human Rights Foundation, he is also the founder of the Olso Freedom Forum, which has become a premier event for the human rights community.

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