Socialism In The U.S. Discussed By Thor Halvorssen

As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation and the Oslo Freedom Forum the chance to discuss the problems facing those trapped in closed societies and beneath the rule of dictators was taken by Fox Business in a recent interview with Thor Halvorssen. The film producer has taken his personal beliefs and used them in his film career that includes a documentary about the uprising against socialist forces in Hungary; during an interview with Trish Regan Halvorssen explained how he feels socialism has caused major problems in his home nation of Venezuela, but has provided benefits when used in small areas of government policy across Northern Europe.


Halvorssen would later reveal how he feels the rise of self described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders has been of benefit to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections as it provided a different option for people across the country from the traditional mainstream candidates. During the interview a shocked Trish Regan asked Halvorssen for the reasons behind his decision to back Sanders over the more mainstream candidates in the election, including Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump; Halvorssen revealed his human rights background made it difficult for him to back either candidate because of their close links to human rights abusing regimes around the world.


Thor Halvorssen continued by explaining why he has problems with socialism in its purest forms as he has seen used in his native Venezuela. For a number of decades the people of Venezuela lived a profitable life under liberal governments who combined the best of socialism with more traditional policies; only when leaders in the socialist party began to see the chance for personal gain does Halvorssen believe the issue of socialism as a negative force was seen. In terms of the problems caused by socialism the expert in human rights revealed his personal experiences of both his parents being injured at the hands of government forces due to their anti government beliefs.

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