Cassio Audi: Multi-Skilled and Experienced Investment Manager

Investment is an important decision that requires knowledge drawn from years of experience and critical market and industry analysis. This is because there are several risks and unique opportunities that require foresight and hindsight to identify. However, if you are experienced and multi-skilled the tasks are relatively easier to execute. Since joining investment management industry, Cassio Audi has made a name for himself as one of the leading investment advisors in the industry. He is a multi-skilled professional with expert level competency in English and Spanish. He is also a skilled financial planner with specialization in valuation, management, forecasting, due diligence, company valuation, mergers and acquisitions, negotiations and strategic planning. Together with his education, these skills have enabled Cassio Audi to serve several large corporations in various executive capacities successfully.


Work History


As a bilingual professional, Cassio Audi has worked with several companies with international client base stretching beyond his home country, Brazil. He joined FP&E in 1992 as a senior analyst, a position he held for four years. His time at time saw his specialize in equities and fixed income while also doubling up as a trader. The multiple award-winning investment advisor and manager also served as the finance director for Gillete between 1997 and 2006. He successfully served in the position, delivering and surpassing key goals set for the company’s operations in Brazil.


His management skills also saw him serve as the human resource director for SAP; a real estate firm. He attained significant successes as the chief financial officer for Brascan Brasil Real Estate Partners, Inc. For two years beginning 2006, Cassio Audi oversaw the successful restructuring and reorganization of the company’s operations including adoption of information technology systems. He held the same position for a short stint at Rossi Commercial Properties in 2012 before being appointed as the managing director of GMVI Real Estate in 2013. At the firm, he oversaw the management of properties for several large international corporations.