Acquiring GovPayNet Proves a Win for Securus

In recent news, the acquisition of GovPayNet by Securus Technologies has sparked an increasingly large payment processing count per year for Securus to 40 million processes.


GovpayNet has always been a leader in the government payment processing market. Winning over 2,300 government agencies over 35 states of the U.S. Since 1997, the company has always had heart, motivation, integrity, strength and focus. Started by a Sheriff to assist law enforcement with payment processes related to cash bail payments by credit card, the sheriff’s payment processing operation went smoothly and when this success was factual he would then have intention on expansion. From solely dealing in bail payment processing to advancing his dealings to processing probation oversight, electronic monitoring costs, property tax, record fees, impound fees and more, the sheriff strikes gold and the company continues to thrive.


Through over 30 years of servicing the government sector and winning contracts, Securus took note and saw GovPayNet as a golden opportunity to entail a strong structural government payment processing company to their mix and offer its customers more variety while in all gaining new customers.


The CEO and President of Securus, Robert Penkins saw the opportunity and capitalized. Very impressed, not only with stats of GovPayNet throughout the years as a company, but the individual accomplishments of the CEO and the team that has allowed those numbers to exist. With the excitement of the CEO of GovPayNet, Mark McKenzie and company of the acquisition, it is sure to be a positive flow of creativity and performance, which will win many new contracts and bring in an increased stream of revenue.


As it is documented, 40 million payment processes recorded in a year is a huge leap for Securus and with a steadily compentent progression by a capable team of experts expensed from the two combined, they are sure to continue to improve as expected.