A Brief Rundown of What USHEALTH Advisors Is

USHEALTH Advisors is an insurance provider operating within the United States of America that offers health insurance coverage for individuals and families alike, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, any other demographical characteristics, or preexisting conditions. This American organization was created nearly a decade ago as Security Health Advisors, changing its name to its current title in 2011. Its mission is shortened to the acronym HOPE, which stands for Helping Other People Everyday, doing so through offering affordable-yet-quality insurance policies for low-income, large-family, insert-characteristic-here families in the United States.

This reputable organization holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, the highest rating any company, corporation, or organization in the United States can receive from the agency. Such a high rating means that USHEALTH Advisors always resolves any problems customers might have in a timely manner, and to a level that meets their every need. According to the BBB’s official website at www.bbb.org, USHEALTH Advisors has 4.59 stars out of 5.00 possible from sixteen reviews.

At USHEALTH Advisors, salaries of independent contractors, executives, and employees alike are all considerably high for the insurance industry, resulting in services offered with higher quality than those of most other insurance providers in the United States of America. Contractors acting as insurance agents take home about $85,000 per year, standard employed insurance agents bring in $70,000 on average, licensed agents earning a mean annual salary of $80,000 even, sales managers just over $69,000 per year – the list of exceedingly high salaries doesn’t end at USHEALTH Advisors. Learn more aboutĀ  USHealth AdvisorĀ  at Crunchbase.

USHEALTH Advisors, LLC, is currently operated out of Fort Worth, Texas, and led by President and Chief Executive Officer Troy McQuagge. Mr. McQuagge has worked in the insurance world since the early ’80s, bouncing around executory roles at three agencies since 1983, when he started at Allstate Insurance Company after earning a bachelor’s degree from the reputable postsecondary institution, the University of Central Florida.

The insurance policy provider maintains two lines of subsidiaries, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance, throughout the United States of America, in addition to its’ self-named USHEALTH Advisors locations.

More information here:https://www.linkedin.com/company/ushealth-advisors