Todd Lubar: Growing Businesses in Real Estate

Todd Lubar has achieved admirable success in his career in mortgage and banking. He has been part of teams that have contributed to growth of the real estate industry through investing and working in mortgage firms. Todd is hardworking and dedicated to moving his career forward and helping the people around him succeed. He is defined by his passion for helping others achieve their goals and working towards enabling individuals acquires homes and other assets.

He has worked in the industry for more than twenty years and has been instrumental to financial decisions of many Americans, who have sought investment advice in real estate. He explained these efforts in an interview with Ideamensch ( where he encourages entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams without relenting since this would define their success.

Todd Lubar also notes the need for entrepreneurs to surround themselves with people who can challenge them to attain greater achievements. He explains that the networks one creates around them define their success hence encourages one to be around people that have positive influence in their business growth. Todd says that fostering great relationships among employees is an attribute that has helped his company succeed. He notes that a culture of trust in the work place was important in experiencing greater productivity.

Todd works as the president of the TDL Global Ventures and is a vice president of Legendary Investments. He started his business in 2007 venturing into various industries such as real estate, demolition, recycling and mortgage. He has vast skills in the fields, which has enabled him establish his business in real estate. Todd studied at Syracuse University where he graduated with a bachelor of arts in speech communication. This equipped him to create important and strong relationships through interactions with individuals and companies in the industry.

He started working at Crestar Mortgage Corporation before joining Legacy Financial group as a loan broker. At Legacy Group, Todd established great relationships with clients and attained a strong network, which was important in his business ventures. He put great efforts in ensuring the growth of the company’s revenue that was commendable. View his full bio on

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Why Know About Your Life Insurance is Important

Life insurance is one of the best products that anyone can own. With just the signing of your name you can create an estate right away with just a little money down. If you should die prematurely, a large sum of money can be left to your family.

Freedom Life Insurance is a company that has plans that are easy to establish and who has life insurance agents who can explain the benefits in a simple way. People need to be familiar with the different kinds of life insurance.

Term life insurance covers a person for a set number of years. Usually an individual can be covered for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years, then the coverage stops and the life insurance policy disappears. Because of this temporary nature of term insurance it is the cheapest in price. You can get a lot of coverage for just a few dollars per month.

Term life insurance is perfect for a young family with children. Lots and lots of life insurance coverage can be purchased in case the breadwinner or breadwinners of a family should die too soon.

Permanent life insurance lasts for the entire lifetime of an insured. It will stay in effect until a person is age 100, the actuarial or mathematical lifespan of human beings. If an insured person does live to age 100, then the death benefit is paid to the owner of the life insurance policy.

Permanent life insurance has an internal cash value which serves as a reserve against the annually increasing death risk, or mortality risk as it is called. This reserve keeps the price of the life insurance level throughout its existence. The cash value is available for loan to the policy owner throughout the life of the policy. The amount of the loan reduces the death benefit by the loan amount until it is repaid.

Freedom Life Insurance offers both kinds of life insurance to its policyholders. Most life insurance planners will combine both term and permanent life insurance in order to provide the best coverage for their clients. Freedom Life Insurance has expert agents who can help you plan and maximize your life insurance benefits.


Dr. Scott Rocklage’s Illustrious Career at 5 AM

5 AM is a company that deals with building visionary life science companies that will live to the investments of investors.5 am gives backing companies that are on the frontline in healthcare through cutting edge technology. With the effort, the company helps to combat various medical conditions. The organization’s employees consist of the top cream in their respective fields. The expertise background assists in maintaining the company’s image. 5 Am is involved in laying out the foundation, recruiting skilled employees, business growth and fundraising. Learn more:


  1. Scott Rocklage is the current president managing partner of 5AM.pior to joining the organization; Scott had a background in healthcare for more than 30 years. He joined the team in 2003, and 12 months later he became a partner. The stewardship of Dr. Scott has seen the rapid growth of the group. He has been in charge of the acceptance of certain drugs by the US government such as Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan. Before joining 5 AM, he was in involved in executive roles of other organizations such as Salutar, Novira, Cubist Pharmaceutical and Catalytica. He is also on the board of other groups. Dr. Scott Rocklage gained a degree in chemistry from the University of Berkeley and a Ph.D. in chemistry from MIT. Through his career, he has been able to work in Richard R Shrock Laboratory who is a Nobel Prize recipient.


Scott Rocklage has published a lot of research work and receives recognition for having several Patents. During his career, cancer treatment has caught his eye especially with the target in specific mutating cancerous cells. The research on cancer interests him because of the many lives it is saving and therefore proving the importance of scientists in society. Scott is distinguished best for his time management skills, a trait he hopes to pass on those under him. Scott is a tremendous student of the school of entrepreneurship, as he is not afraid of taking risks. At 5 AM he has been able to achieve consistent results because the organization builds more on its strengths while keeping the focus on the business aspects. During his tenure, 5 AM has been able to raise more than a quarter of a million from existing LPs. With the money raised, the company will be able to assist businesses in their early stages as.