Swiss Start-up Manager and Founder-Mike Baur

He is a businessman, and very passionate about the young people. Mike Baur was born in and raised in Freiburg Switzerland. He has been business minded since he was young. At the age of 16, Mike began his banking career when he joined UBS serving as an apprentice. After his High School graduation, Mike Baur has an opportunity to pursue his dreams and joined Rochester University as well as Bern University where he studied business and graduated with a business degree from both educational facilities. At the beginning of his career; Mike was very ambitious and he exactly knew what he wanted to achieve in life. He went ahead to explain which and what positions he would love to hold in the banking and finance sector before attaining the age of 30.

Mike Baur continued to work for UBS as he sharpened his finance and banking skills and he was lucky to climb the career ladder before attaining 30 years of age. Mr. Baur was responsible for advising the wealthy individuals of Switzerland on financial matters. Mike got another opportunity to serve at Clariden Leu immediately he quitted UBS. Despite doing well in the banking and financial industry and getting numerous promotion; Mike decided to quit the industry and engage in what he loves doing; helping the young investors reach their full potential. In 2014 Mike Baur together with two of his friends; Max Meister, and Oliver Walzer established Swiss Start-up Factory with a primary mandate of offering help to the ambitious and aspiring techs in Switzerland.

Swiss Start-up factory is the unique incubators because according to the founders it is an independent body. The organization helps the young techs by funding their projects, providing g free office space in Switzerland’s biggest city, offer training, as well as three months mentorship. The beneficiaries gain a lot form the Start-up program, they are able to learn how to market their products as well as services, connect with other business people all over the world, as well as gain knowledge on how they can get fund from other stockholders. Mike together with his team has the biggest responsibility of encouraging the young entrepreneurs to participate in pitching contests. Mike Baur is a major contributor to Swiss Start-up Factory and other organizations which include; BV4, as well as Think Reloaded. Mike Baur’s efforts have been of a great benefit to many young entrepreneurs who have been able to instrument and polish revolutionary technological ideas.


Anthony Petrello, the Top-paid Chief Executive Officer

According to Gazette Day, Anthony Petrello is an unfamiliar figure to many households, blending into the American corporate ranks. While he doesn’t fill television same as a pundit or even captivate people having speeches same as a politician, Petrello could be among the most influential figures in the U.S. He’s also representing a section of the U.S. that’s never acknowledged despite the fact that he helped to craft the American lifestyle.

Petrello was among the top-paid chief executive officers in the U.S. He earned USD68.2 million, in the year 2014, through working with Nabors Industries, which is a leading firm dealing with oil plus natural gas drilling. This level of success motivates both envy and admiration, but those who know Petrello, understand he’s a humble and honest man deserving what he’s earning.

Lots of people in the U.S. are criticizing the Wall Street for tactics that are greedy while Main Street is suffering. Petrello agrees with the sentiments, and he’s pursuing a moral code based on fairness and respect. He’s a business strategist and a brilliant manager, but most of his success comes from the way he’s treating his fellow man. The conduct of Petrello has created countless jobs in U.S.A. He’s modern captain of industry, helping Americans achieve the means of enjoying life.

He was raised in Newark, a predominantly Italian neighborhood, a neighborhood that’s a working class in New Jersey state. In the city of Newark, people don’t just make their money, pay their bills, and go to their homes. Despite having many hardships, the city is a region known for its honor and strong work ethic culture. In Newark, each community member works together in ensuring all needs have been taken care of; lying is seriously shunned, hard work is always rewarded, plus honesty is often valued above everything else. Newark inspired Petrello with its honor and integrity values.

According to the proxy statements that were filed for fiscal for the year 2016, Petrello as a CEO, President, plus Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries Limited, made a total compensation of USD 15,202,689. Of that amount, $0 was obtained in stock options, USD1,492,982 as a bonus, USD1,575,000 as a salary, and USD 1,325,938 had come from other kinds of compensation.

Petrello is a holder of a J.D. degree, which he earned from the Harvard Law School. He also has an M.S. degree in Mathematics, which he received from Yale University.

The growth of JHSF under the leadership of José AuriemoNeto

JHSF is the number one real estate developer in Brazil. It operates in the areas of the commercial and residential property. It is mainly involved in development and management of high-end property target for the high-income earner in the society. It is involved in building executive airports, hotel and restaurants, shopping centers and residential property. JHSF started its operations in 1972. Since then it has been able to spot some lucrative business opportunities. JHSF is able to spot opportunities long before the industry gets there. This means there are able to stay ahead of the pack. They do not do catch-up games, they are the trend setters.

JHSF do not only invest for the purpose of investing, they follow well laid out procedure generated from a thorough market research. Their projects are supportive, innovative and of superb quality. This means they are able to keep the Brazilian market up on the scale. This benefits Brazil’s economy by making it attractive to investors especially those from other countries. Brazil being a heavily a highly populated country and one with large quantities of natural resources make it, even more, better for multinationals to invest in the economy. JHSF play a big role in making sure that this dream is realized although they are in independent business. Click here to know more.

Since Jose Auriemo took over the management of the company there has never been anything else apart from years of successive growth. It has been involved in numerous projects and none of them have ever flopped. JHSF has consolidated its operations mainly in the cities of Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manors. They have developed hotels and restaurants, corporations, malls, and executive airport projects. The company targets the high-income earners who can bring them more revenue. The company has of late been concentrating on projects that generate recurring income so as to maximize their returns.

About Jose AuriemoNeto

Jose AuriemoNeto has been the CEO and chairman of the company since 2003. He is the founder of the parking lot management company called Parkbem. Between 2006 and 2014 he was serving as the JHSF Partcipacoes CEO in South Africa.

The Brown Agency Announces Combination with Heyman Talent-South

The Brown Agency has been relaunched by the group that has been acquired by its new owner Wilhelmina Austin have merged the Brown Agency with Heyman Talent-South. This is as the two largest agencies join forces to leverage their capabilities and strengths to make the Brown Agency the only full-service agency in the Austin area, and one of the few that exist in all of Texas. The company has Justin Brown at the helm and the company that was originally launched in August 2010 and is now one of the most respected and sought-after agencies to model for in all of Texas. The purpose of the agency is to provide models an opportunity to work at home without having to flock to either LA or NYC for work opportunities. The Brown Agency seeks to bring the modeling to the models, only requiring them to travel to the cities for work and allowing them to live in the location of their choice in Texas while still receiving quality coaching, management, and opportunities to grow their careers and expand their work.


The agency is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas with centers in other cities including Dallas. They have a large presence at many events in Los Angeles but allow talented models to find an agency that allows them to largely live in Texas while only having to go to Los Angeles for work and certain events that take place there. According to Market Wired, the agency prides itself on selecting the best managers and staff to give their models the best chance of success in their careers.




The Brown Agency is thrilled to be part of the new Heyman Talent-South family, and they are preparing to become a bigger agency with more marketing power to give their models more opportunities than they have had in the past, or would have if they were still separate agencies as they were before.


The Brown Agency has offered models some opportunities to model for some of the biggest brands in the world including Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and L’Oreal just to name a few. The agency offers models the opportunities to work in whichever lines of work fit them best including commercials, movies, TV shows, catalogues, magazines, runway shows, conventions, trade shows, promotional contents, and corporate events to name a few opportunities available to our models while allowing them to stay right here at home in Texas while they do it.

Financial service Provider-Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is recognized not only for their quality products and services but because of their expertise in the financial sector. The financial facility has been delivering its financial services to the middle a market. Ever since its inception; Madison Street Capital reputation has been improving and growing due to its vast experience, expertise in the economic sector as well as reliability. Madison Street Capital has been in operation for many years with its Head Offices located in Chicago. The financial organization has been in the forefront of distributing financial services as well as products to the community and prides itself on delivering reliable proficient services and financial products.

Madison Street Capital has had an enormous experience in the finance industry and has a positive track record of matching appropriate buyers and sellers, creating exit plans, as well as organizing compound contracts. Madison Street Capital has been dealing with a broad range of products and financial services which include; private placement advice, tax compliance, mergers and acquisition, corporate governance, as well as bankruptcy services. They have been working extra hard to build a strong relationship between them and their esteem clients who include; Bond medical Group, Central Iowa Energy, and Fiber Science. Ever since its creation, the firm has been expanding not only in the United States of America but it has also been having operational offices in other regions including; India, Ghana, and Oregon. Madison has been work hand in hand with their skilled personnel who are able to deliver and solve the most challenging financial problems as they build a strong relationship with their customers. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital can well be described as a global investment banking firm which is built on strong values, mission, and vision. The group is built on leadership, excellence, as well as honesty, and service distribution. The firm has been delivering their services and products to both private and public institutions as well as corporate companies across the world. The firm has experience and skilled staffs who are well trained to respond to financial opportunities. Madison Street Capital has their clients’ interest at heart that is the reasons why they have been assisting thousands of clients to reach both their long and short term goals as well as their personal goals. The financial facility has mainly been focusing on expanding more on their understanding and experience in corporate governance and corporate finance, and it is for this reason that Madison Street Capita l is known to be the leading Investment Bank in the world.