Vijay Eswaran’s Own Words On The Establishment Of QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is one of Malaysia and India’s leading business founders and philanthropists, and he’s spoken about leadership and developments for the Asian businesses at various economic forums including the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Vijay Eswaran also has authored several books that talk about spiritualism and its role in the workplace including In The Sphere Of Silence, In The Thinking Zone and 18 Stepping Stones. He was also recently interviewed by Entrepreneur magazine’s Middle East edition in which he discussed the founding and establishment of his company, QI Group Ltd.

According to Eswaran, the first market effort that made QI Group’s direct selling business profits were various commemorative coins that emerged in the 2000 Olympics.

For Eswaran the beginning challenges of building his company were getting started with very little capital and not able to obtain large business loans, thereby leaving him and Joseph Bismarck to raise their own capital. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

They also had to overcome false accusations of running a corrupt business, but thankfully those who knew him and Bismarck were able to testify to their good character. At the moment Eswaran is helping to build a business university in Malaysia and is spearheading various facility constructions, and he also is the Chairman of the Board of RYTHM Foundation, a philanthropy supporting young children with special needs across Asia.

Eswaran was born in Malaysia in 1960 and his father worked with the Ministry of Labor department while his mother taught at local schools. Both his parents taught him valuable lessons growing up, but his father’s motto of “service above self” is what impacted Eswaran the most.

He attended the London School of Economics where he got his bachelor’s degree in socioeconomics and later he completed his master’s at Southern Illinois University.

Eswaran spent a few years doing manual labor jobs in Europe, a few years working as a consultant to IT companies and then entered multilevel marketing in the 1990s.

He and Bismarck founded QI Group Ltd. in 1998 and in the following years established its subsidiaries QNet, Quex Courier, QI Asset Management and also acquired DTE in Hawaii.


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At Look At Brazilian Construction Giant Construcap

Construcap, founded in 1944, is a Brazilian construction company that builds both private and public structures. The three sectors of construction that they do work in are building, energy, and infrastructure projects. The company is one of the 10 biggest construction companies in Brazil and has also been one of the most profitable.

Among the recent projects that Construcap has built is the Minas Arena which is only the second sports arena in the world to earn the Leed Platinum Certification Seal. In order to obtain this certification, Construcap had to build the arena in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. The only other sports stadium that has achieved this certification, which is the highest Leed certification there is, was the University of Texas stadium on Facebook.

One of the actions that Construcap took during building the Minas Arena was to build it in such a way that there is a free flow of air circulation which means the air conditioning does not have to be turned on nearly as much. Construcap also installed a drainage system into the arena that captures and stores rainfall which is used in toilets, urinals, and for irrigating the field. The construction company also installed solar panels on the roof of the stadium that generates enough power to provide electricity for 1,200 homes. They also took waste into account by installing a collection and disposal system that will enable 90% of the waste to be recycled according to YouTube.

In order to remain one of the most competitive construction companies in Brazil, Construcap is constantly training its employees in the latest construction and engineering technologies. Both the technical and operational personnel are kept up to date through a regular schedule of training courses and informational forums. Construcap at, as a socially responsible company, also trains locals near their new construction sites so that they can work on the project. Among the training they offer is painting and masonry wich is provided for both men and women. The people in training are also supplied by Construcap with everything they need to perform their job including uniforms, helmets, and work tools.

OSI Group – A World Leader In The Food Industry

There has been a lot that has been said about OSI Group, the food leader. They cater to a variety of people, all in all making sure that their products bear resonance with the customer base that they are catering to at any particular moment. It is also important to note the kind of experience that the company beholds, having been built up over a long period of a century.


They have been in the news recently for their purchase of the Tyson Food Plant, a remarkable purchase indeed! This has opened up more horizons for them to expand their business into catering and taking care of wider audiences. The deal was valued at a whopping $7.4 million dollars and according to sources present at the company, this deal would help them massively expand their already immense production capacity.

OSI Group was also a recipient of the prestigious 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council. It is an award given to companies for keeping exemplary safety and quality standards. After all, the kind of quality and safety checks being put in place by the company is the deciding factor for a lot of consumers these days. And, The OSI Group has year on year maintained the highest standards of quality known to people in contact with the food processing industry.

OSI Group is a company with immense potential and is well on its way to being one of the most reputed brands in the food processing industry, a close look at the group is a must.

Learn more about OSI Group:,+Chairman+And+CEO+Of+OSI+Group,+LLC/1529744/0/article.html

Lori Senecal Let’s Us In On Her Journey

An industry pioneer who takes on technology, originality as well as innovation on a worldwide level, Lori Senecal is the current global chief executive officer of CP+B (Crispin Porter + Bogusky).

CP+B is a member of the advertising agency MDC Partners network which includes clients such as Kraft, Charles Schwab,, Mondelez International and more.

Senecal ( focuses on the company’s global growth, development and expansion which includes bringing together CP+B’s eight international offices in the US, Brazil, England, Sweden, Denmark and an office opening soon in Hong Kong.

Throughout her career, Lori Senecal performed the duties of president and chief executive officer at MDC Partners, chairman, president and chief executive office at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners, (Kbs+) President of McCann-Erickson Worldwide’s New York office and global chief innovation officer at McCann Worldgroup.

During her term with Kbs+, the successful entrepreneur transformed the firm from a 250-person domestic agency to an 900+ person global company.

What’s more Senecal has built strategic partnerships, started innovative business groups and encouraged global agency growth. She shares her leadership experience through public speaking, award juries and op-eds.

In a story published by the Huffington Post, Senecal talked about not waiting for leadership openings to find you, but rather be in possession of your own.

She also addressed how she focuses on putting together a tradition that encourages people to want to be part of an influential assignment together. Senecal gave the example of Kbs+ and their principle of the strength of invention.

According to Senecal, the company holds invention competitions that every employee can take part in and inventing environments such as a fully equipped tech shop.

Senecal also talked about how mentorship has made an impact in her professional and personal life. She pointed out how she had some amazing mentors and now it is the time for her to be the mentor.

She spoke to the privilege of being the mentor to many gifted women and how it is of great importance to her to spend time with female leaders of the next generation.

Senecal also discussed how she maintains a work/life balance, such as eating healthy and exercising and how her life experience made her the leader she is today.

Her achievements in the industry take in being named one of AdAge’s Women to Watch for 2014 and a Quantum Leap award for leadership and innovation at the SWNY Game Changer Awards.

Simple Party Planning




In our day tom day activities, there are some things that we are comfortable in doing and others we do them because it has a mandatory and not necessarily that we love them. While there can be so many of such events, we will take party planning as an example. Once in a while, we must attend parties whether birthday parties, wedding parties or any another party that there may be. If you are to plan a party, you will straight away notice that it’s not a walk in the park. It is for that reason that through this article, we will be informing you of Twenty Three Layers, who they are and what their benefits are in the society today.



What is Twenty Three Layers?



This is a firm based in New York City. It is fully determined to planning and designing events with a lot of creativity and energy. The firm is aimed at making your event or party planning simpler and less hectic.



Why Twenty-Three Layers?



The next time you are planning to have a party or any other event, you should consider letting this firm do it for you because of the following reasons;



  • Vast experience


When it comes to matters of corporate event planners in New York City, no one does it better that Twenty Three-Layers. This is because of their vast experience in the field. The firm in itself has seen itself working with some of the world’s most known establishments. The firm has planned very many world-class events that considering them to plan your event should not be as hard.



  • Good selection of venue


When you employ the services of event planning companies in NYC, you will not have to worry yourself about venue selection. They have the best and most creative minds in this field. They can choose a venue for you, color and decorate it up leaving your guests amazed by your reception. The event will have fun as a basic guarantee.



  • Catering services


In most events, people must eat. With Twenty-Three layers as your event planner, all the catering services are catered for. Regardless of the type of celebration, whether a wedding or a cocktail reception, the firm will bring with it the required personnel to oversee the situation.



Other services that will be offered by this firm in your event include photography, floral design, and entertainment amongst others.






In the case that you have an event around New York City, you may consider making Twenty Three Layers your event planners in NYC. Quality is guaranteed, and as seen above, many benefits come with employing their services.

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 CEO Encourages People To Cleanse And Embrace A Raw Food Diet is an online company that helps people to find the solutions to their health issues. They specialize in supplements and a special cleanse that helps to remove toxins and allow the body to work effectively. Their belief is that the body has the ability to be amazingly strong and healthy and only when it is in this state will it be able to prevent illness and work with medical treatments to recover from diseases. was founded in 2004 and is led by CEO A.D. Dolphin. They are one of the top online suppliers of herbal supplements in the world. Millions of people have lost weight and improved their overall health thanks to their 20-Day Full Body Cleanse. The company’s product was listed by Shape Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Detox Diets of 2014”. The CEO even appeared on the Steve Harvey Morning Show in 2017 to discuss the importance of cleansing.

Dherbs CEO, A.D. Dolphin, Gives You the Raw Facts About Cleansing on the Steve Harvey Show

A.D. Dolphin was requested to appear after the host, Steve Harvey, was able to lose 12 pounds using the Full Body Cleanse. Harvey credited his success to Dolphin because of his personal coaching along the way. The Dherbs CEO used the appearance to teach viewers how to prepare their own raw food meals, a necessity during the 20-day cleanse. His recipes included unique offerings like zucchini noodles, walnut tacos and much more.  All of these recipes are on as well as their Pinterest page here:


Incorporating recipes like these into any diet will help people improve their nutrition. It is even more important during the cleanse because it prevents participants from adding more toxins into their system while they are attempting to cleanse.


Anyone interested in improving their health, regaining their energy and losing weight can visit to purchase the cleanse and additional supplements. The website also offers helpful articles full of useful tips and delicious recipes to use while on the cleanse and after.