Treating Lung Diseases Through the use of Stem Cell Therapy

The stem cell therapy is a form of treatment that uses stem cells found in the body to treat, manage, and prevent the development and subsequent growth of certain diseases. In the management of lung diseases, various autologous stem cells are derived from the body of the affected patient and used to harness the overall immune system of the patients’ body.

The stem cell therapy procedure usually involves the harvesting, separation, and the administration of the target cells in the body of the host The first procedure which is collection usually involves the drawing of a small amount of either blood or bone marrow from the affected patient. Once this has been done, the sample collected undergoes a sophisticated procedure that separates the stem cells from the other types of cells. Once the separation has been achieved, the obtained concentrated stem cells are then injected into the blood stream of the patient. From this point onwards, the immune system of the patient works hand in hand with the injected stem cells to manage and prevent the spread of the lung disease.

A Lung Institute is no doubt a global leader in the management and treatment of lung diseases via stem cell therapy. This institute provides the state of the art lung treatment and cellular therapy to patients suffering from lung-oriented medical conditions and diseases. The Lung Institute was founded with the main aim of improving the overall quality life of people living with, or suffering from different chronic and acute lung diseases

With the increasing cases of lung diseases and the decreasing modes of treatment, the Lung Institute saw it right to develop a therapy that would ease off the burden experienced by various patients. This eventually led to the inception of the stem cell therapy. Since its inception, this institute has helped millions of people suffering from lung diseases globally. More information available at

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George Soros’s Pro-Clinton Campaign Donations

Financier Soros has played a major role in Hillary Clintons’ presidential campaign against Donald Trump. Throughout the electioneering and campaigning period, the billionaire together with pro-Hillary groups raised a substantial amount of money to be channeled in the campaigns. They raised $24 million in a matter of six months, which $2 million was George Soros contribution. Super-PAC is Hillary’s formation to steer her campaigns through ads and laying down information to the public in the media stream to attacker opponent. All through George Soros remained critical through his financial support and influence on the Democratic Movement to ensure Hillary’s win to the White House. The latter’s support for Hillary is unwavering which is evidenced by his many and huge contributions in different pro-Clinton groups on

Noting the prowess portrayed by presidential nominee, Clinton, in conducting successful fundraisings on Forbes, the super PAC managed to raise $45 million in the initial 3-months of the presidential race. Hillary’s ability to raise funds to drive her campaigns is indispensable and can never be doubted. The fundraising was facilitated by some mega-donors allied to the Democratic Movement on As an implication, the moment caused for motivation to the super PAC group to gang up support in a bid to encourage campaign development for the Democratic presidential nominee.

Investor Soros’s financial contributions usually send a strong signal for what he stands for as an individual. Among the mega-donors, only the Hungarian-born investor has shown the immense willingness to write an eight-figure check in the political arena purposely for campaigning. To prove his true measure of commitment on Politico, records revealed in 2004 the billionaire financier donated more than $20 million in just one year to ensure the former President George W. Bush was ousted for a Democrat. Even after being faced with failure, he is an elite political donor and is looked upon by other major-donor Democrats and is viewed as the initiator.

With the 2016 presidential campaigns taking shape, donations are to be cultivated being an essential factor in the election. It is concluded to the assumption gained by the PAC members in taking up the responsibilities that are conventionally played by campaigns.

Referring to earlier donations by Soros in various groups such as Working America, sources reveal details on the relationship with the group by making a contribution of $ 150,000 from the investors own pocket in 2006. Later in 2008 donated $400,000 in an organization to drum up support and fund campaigns for Obama-then- Democrat presidential candidate together with other political candidates on Democrats party.

Pushing Forward With John Goullet

Diversant LLC was named the largest African-American company in the United States. It gained this title by developing a workforce that it is highly diverse and talented. Diversant provides consulting and staffing support for companies within the IT industry. Its own staff represents the type of team that other organizations desire to build. John Goullet is the Principal at Diversant LLC and sets the standard for how the organization conducts business. John is highly experienced in the IT Staffing industry. His expertise has served as the blueprint for the success of this growing enterprise.

John Goullet got his start as a consultant in the IT industry. His experience in this area provided him with a wealth of knowledge that allowed him to develop a progressive business model. John understood that staffing is a vital part of every business industry. The IT industry has unique needs because it is extremely technical and requires individuals with specific skills to fill jobs. Most technical companies do not post job openings because they are very particular about the type of person they bring into the organization. Staffing for IT organizations is as intricate as the equipment that they perform services on. John Goullet was able to meet this insatiable demand. He formed his own staffing company and began to make an immediate impact within a highly competitive industry.

John Goullet founded Info Technologies. Info Technologies was John’s answer to the growing need for qualified staffing within the IT industry. John and his new company were able to recruit the type of personnel needed to fill the technical jobs that were available throughout the workforce. Info Technologies quickly grew into a multi-million dollar company. The demand for its services placed the young organization at the forefront of the IT industry. Being able to provide adequate staffing allowed IT companies to take on more work orders and grow their internal workforces. John eventually decided to merge Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. Diversant Inc soon became Diversant LLC. John Goullet was given the role of Principal at the new company and immediately began to apply his vision and leadership skills.

Waiakea Delivers On The Health Of Water

Many people say that water is healthy. They have talked about the many benefits that come with drinking water. However, there are many different types of water that have a lot of issues with it that could cause health problems in the long term.

Therefore, one has to think about how he is going to get the health he needs if he can’t expect it from water. The fortunate truth is that there is a way to get the health benefits one needs from water. The best way to do this is by doing a lot of research and finding water that comes from a high quality source.

One company that offers people good water is Waiakea. Waiakea water has a lot of the benefits without the contaminants that even bottled spring water has. Waiakea has minerals in the water that enhance the taste. There are natural electrolytes that bring forth the smooth taste that Waiakea spring water is known for.

Therefore, people will want to drink more of the water compared to other sources of water. This is because there is no subtly nastiness in the taste. According to New You, Waiakea water that is consumed has a completely pure taste that only comes from Waiakea.

The company has made good on its claims of giving customers really clean and pure water with some electrolytes. For one thing, people have dropped the other forms of water. As a result, the company has grown in three years by 5,000%. This is impressive for a company. Learn more about Waiakea water:

This also shows that it is trustworthy. After all, if it did not deliver on what it offered, then it would not experience such growth. This is a sign that customers are satisfied with what they are given. If they weren’t then word of mouth would likely prevent such growth.

People that are looking for water that offers all of the health benefits without any risk factor for side effects should check out Waiakea water. People will be able to enjoy such benefits like improved mental function, improve athletic performance, better muscle tone and plenty of other benefits that come with drinking water.

You Can Visit Loved Ones In Correctional Facilities Through Videoconferencing With Securus Technologies

If you have a loved one who is doing time at a correctional facility and you want them to still be a part of your Christmas celebration, you can do so through a video visitation platform. Instead of having to travel miles out of your way and wait to be cleared to visit your loved one, you can bring them to the comfort of your own home through Securus’s video visitation platform. Securus video visitation only requires that you have a webcam and internet connection, and you can signup for any time that’s convenient for you and your loved one.


Video visitation is becoming important for inmates and their families. Now young children can share moments of their childhood in real time with a parent who might be doing time, and inmates who simply want to do their time and get through their sentence are given encouragement throughout their time. Video visitation can also save money for families and inmates by eliminating travel expenses and other costs that come with traveling.


Securus Technologies has included many other inmate communication platforms along with video visitation. They’ve been servicing corrections facilities since 1986 covering thousands of locations not only in Texas, but across the nation. Securus’s technicians are highly trained, and even just recently some have enrolled in the BICSI Installer 1 program for installing telecommunications media. Securus has built a reliable system that keeps inmates connected to their families, and corrections officers on the alert.


Securus has rolled out inmate tablet systems that are secure and can connect to commissary purchases, enrolling in online courses, and purchasing prepaid phone minutes. Securus’s platform also allows them to receive electronic messaging, voicemail, and electronic deposits. Securus closely monitors communications through the THREADS and Investigator Pro software, ensuring that no threats or illegal activities are taking place.


Lip Balm Market Offered Opportunity for Small Player

The lip balm market offered small operators the ability to quickly expand and take advantage of the opportunities in the market. The lip balm market was ripe for opportunity with the major industry players neglecting the industry and trying to monetize their holdings rather than to simply innovate and provide what customers were looking for.

The biggest lip balm maker was Chapstick which was owned by Pfizer. Chapstick is just a small subsidiary of Pfizer and not one of its main business lines. As such, finding a way to profit and expand it was not its focus. They were instead using it as a cash cow.

Then, as is outlined in an article in Fast Money, EOS, a small start up at the time, was able to embrace the needs of their customers and came to be a major player in the lip balm market. Basically, EOS listened to the needs of their customers and decided to make a product that fits their tastes. EOS lip balm product was one with all natural ingredients that was designed to be enjoyable to the tastes of consumers with interesting flavors like Honeydew, and which provided for a lucious and smooth application hence the name “Evolution of Smooth” (EOS). They then went to work choosing an applicator that delivered the premium lip balm to their customers.

Their specially designed applicator orb stood out on shelves and even on Amazon, consumers snatched up the new colorful lip balm wherever it showed up in stores. This success led them to become a major player in the lip balm market and has made EOS a real success from their start as a small company into one with a quarter of a billion of sales each year. This all goes to show the success a company can have when they listen to the customers in their industry and design a product that meets their needs.

More information available on EOS lip balm’s Facebook page and website at