Richard Blair’s Tenure at Wealth Solutions

About Richard Blair

Located in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory company founded by Richard Blair. Wealth Solutions was created to bring a positive impact in the lives of small-scale business owners. Having grown up in a family with firsthand experience in education, Richard Blair became fascinated with the world of teaching at a tender age.

Considering that his mother, wife, and grandmother were once educationists, Richard has an extensive background in teaching. As such, he realized that education was instrumental to the growth of individual knowledge and confidence.

After identifying a gap in financial and investment planning, Richard Blair combined his natural knowledge in finance with his extensive background in education to help people develop investment plans. Upon graduating from college in 1993, Richard Blair began his career in the financial services industry.

Leveraging his natural gift in finance, Blair founded Wealth Solutions, a global-scale provider of objective and unbiased financial advisory services. Over the years, Richard Blair has honed his knowledge and expertise in retirement planning, as it has become an important life aspect. As a financial advisor, Blair advises employees and retirees on how to reduce the gap between retirement planning and retirement life. As such, he helps them to avoid common financial misappropriations through prescribed working strategies.

About Wealth Solutions

According to Drew Launey, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is a leading privately-owned investment advisory firm based in Austin-Texas. Since its inception, Wealth Solutions provides custom-tailored and comprehensive financial services to customers around the world. Wealth Solutions provides financial advisory services to high-net-worth individuals and small-scale business in Austin and its neighboring towns such as Georgetown, Marble Falls, and Bastrop.

As Wealth Solutions’ founder, Richard Blair is a duly registered financial advisor with a broad experience in financial services industry. Current estimates show that Wealth Solutions generates between $2.5 and $5 million in revenue every year.

As financial markets fluctuate, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions embarks on changing the existing financial strategies and adapting to the environmental changes. Since its inception in 2012, Wealth Solutions strives to provide preservative and dynamic solutions to the ever-evolving investment industry. These investment solutions help clients to increase their profits while minimizing the expected portfolio risk.

Besides, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions acknowledges retirement as an important stage of life; therefore, it helps clients to prepare their retirement plans. Considering that most customers seek to generate more income, preserve their wealth, and leave a legacy behind, Wealth Solutions assists its clients to develop an integrated financial plan that will help them to realize their retirement goals.

It’s Very Easy To Utilize The FreedomPop Free Service Each Month

Some may wonder how it’s possible to get by with the FreedomPop free cell phone plan, but there are several ways to make the plan extend throughout the month, even with limited talk time and data. The plan has been changed several times over the years since FreedomPop introduced it, but now it’s even better than ever. The free cell phone plan from FreedomPop is usable on any kind of phone, especially the latest smartphones. Those who have an iPhone of any kind or a Samsung Galaxy can use the phone with the free service.

A sim card will be needed for the free service if the phone being used is a GSM phone. Anyone bringing a phone from the Sprint network will simply need to connect it to FreedomPop and won’t need a sim card for their phone. The sim card has to be purchased from FreedomPop’s website or another site that sells the cards, and the sim card will be shipped to the customer for usage. The customer has to sign up directly for the free cell phone service, which means that they have to choose the free plan, even if they were previously on a paid plan.

The free plan will include 200 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messages, and 200 MB of data. Data amounts vary, depending on if a customer chooses to add FreedomPop friends, which can give them additional free data. FreedomPop also has other ways that their customers can gain free data, especially by completing offers, downloading software, completing surveys and more. At least 10 MB of free data is offered to each person, depending on the services they enter or complete in order to get the additional free data on their account.

The paid service is similar to the free service in the fact that it gives 500 MB of data, but there is unlimited talk and text all for only $10.99 each month. The paid service is not the same as the $19.99 unlimited service because of the fact that the data is not unlimited with the paid plan. Anyone who has the free service or the paid service and needs more data can get additional data for their phone by signing up for the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop. Only five dollars a month is the required fee to get the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service along with having the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application.

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Achieving Advanced Online Status

The world has recently witnessed a rise in the use of the internet. The Internet is being utilized by many people to market their goods, find apartments, or even search for jobs.

Online Information

The internet has also created an online environment where people share and communicate different media. The most important are the rate and type of shared information. There is a need for reasonable maximum control over the information shared on these ever expanding online forums. It is important to avail professional and proper information on the online platforms for better reputations especially when employers or potential business clients search for you on the internet. You should worry of prospective employers getting the reproachful attitude towards you when they search your name in the online search engines such as Google. You are supposed to manage your online information by keeping a critical eye on what other people think of you when they search your name or company.

Taking Proactive Measures to Sustain Better Online Reputations

You can also sustain your online character by the continuous deployment of proactive measures to improve the information that online searchers perceive of you. You should have a Reputation Defender to take action and remove negative information about your name or business. You should ensure that you eliminate the negative reviews about your business posted by bothered clients. You only discover decent online character through the posting of accurate online material information. You can do so by using full names on the major online forums. You need to avoid engagement to embarrassing or offensive sites.

Correcting Reproach Online Reputations

You can also take steps to fix a messed up online character. You might consider removing the embarrassing posts that could trouble you and your marketing strategies forever. You can also adjust your online character by modifications to your names to avoid the instances where your name search could match with offensive online characters. You can also consider not repeating the old mistakes to prevent future harm of online information. You need to employ better online information management strategies to accomplish final search engine results when potential consumers or employers look out for you or your company on the web.

Malini Saba: Overcoming The Past And Building From It

One thing that Malini Saba has stated is that the past is the past. One can’t try to change from it. However, she can learn from it. Malini has learned a lot from her past, especially in the business aspect of things. This is one of the reasons that she has developed her foundation called Stree. She wants to not only encourage women throughout the world, but also give them the tools and the assistance that they need. For one thing, women are faced with a lot of issues. Women not only have to deal with some discrimination, but they also have to deal with extra opposition when they pursue some of their own goals.


Malini has experienced a lot of success. One thing that she says about success is that one achieves success when she is doing what she wants and is enjoying it. Her biggest success is having her daughter. She shows that she loves her daughter in that she takes the time to raise her by herself. She does not pay for a nanny. She actually drops her child off at school and picks her child up when it is over. One of the things she is establishing is the importance of family.


Malini also has some valuable lessons to teach her daughter about business success For one thing, her path is a unique path that requires a lot of wisdom, and courage. One thing that she wants for her daughter is to achieve a similar level of success. She wants her daughter to enjoy the type of work she does so that she can actually build her own life.


One thing that has influenced Malini is having her daughter. It is having her daughter that makes her want the world to be a better place overall. This is one of the reasons that she is doing everything in her power to help others find something that will make them succeed. One thing that helps Malini is that she has a vision. Her vision is that of success and changing the world for the better. It is a long journey, but Malini may inspire others to walk a similar path.