David J. Osio and His Humanistic Mission

Since the early ‘90s, David J. Osio, the Venezuelan financial counsel and CEO of Davos Financial Group, has been closely working with institutions around the world in order to help communities through the arts, culture and medicine.

For at least 20 years, the Latin American businessman has been on the mission of helping communities. Osio is known for contributing a lot in the communities where he does business. Now that Osio has been living in Miami, Florida, he has tried his best to contribute culturally to Floridians as much as possible. Osio has been for years contributing tremendously to the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and his donations, provided through his independent financial companies, have kept this foundation functioning. Osio was also a member of the orchestra for many years as well.

Osio, especially since he has expanded his operations globally, is also concerned about many international organizations. For instance, Osio is an unusual supporter of the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and several other similar medical organizations. Osio and his independent companies also sponsor the EPK events yearly. According to the CEO, anything counts for when it comes to funding this area of medical research. The financial expert is also trying to motivate other rich people so that they can also contribute to the cause. Osio has been also supporting the Wayuu Taya and Fundana foundations, which are from Latin America. The businessman is also known for his fond towards the arts. He a few months ago funded the Saludarte Foundation from Miami. This happened when the institution was sponsoring the artist Carlos Cruz Diez.

Osio founded Davos Financial Group of companies with the intent of serving certain financial needs of the Latin American market. Osio’s financial boutique was also the first of its kind to appear in Venezuela, which since then has served a certain group of affluent individuals. Osio has been able to lead Davos Financial Group internationally. Currently, there are independent businesses under Davos Financial Group operating in several strategic locations, such as Geneva, New York and Lisbon. Osio is in charge of the financial company’s domestic and global strategies. He also supervises the firm’s portfolio.

The Venezuelan started his career in 1981, when he worked for OPED Enterprise. Shortly after working for this business, he became LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES’ president and CEO, and at this company, he managed marketing programs for various American businesses. In 1984, Osio worked for MGO, a famous law firm from Caracas, Venezuela. Here, he applied his legal experience, legal education which he obtained from the Catholic University Andres Bello in 1988. At this law firm, he consulted many prestigious corporations from different parts of the world, such as Ferro and Consolidated Bank. Almost a decade later after he became a lawyer, he attended graduate school at the Institute of Advanced Learning in Administration, one of the best schools in Latin America. He in 2010 obtained financial credentials from the New York Institute of Finance.

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Why New Zealand is a Pacesetter in Tax Transparency

The international media often depicts New Zealand as a country of wealthy people, complex financial deals, and exotic lands. However, the country isn’t a tax haven as it has been reported in some quarters. Whereas OECD has a list of countries considered to be tax havens, New Zealand doesn’t feature on the list. There are minimal chances that it will ever feature on it.

Characteristics of Tax Havens

Typically, tax havens impose a marginal income tax or no taxes at all. In such countries, there is little or no tax transparency. There are also laws and other legal proceedings that constrain the exchange of banking information with other countries. Basing on these grounds, New Zealand does not qualify to be regarded as a tax haven. The country does not have a cagey private banking industry. The global standard as far as tax transparency is concerned, is the OECD Model Agreement, which was ratified in 2002. It paves the way for the exchange of tax and private banking information between countries.

New Zealand is among the first countries to observe these standards. It was equally among the first ones to be included on the OECD white list. This way, the country has demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that it is a global leader as far as tax transparency is concerned. The country has helped numerous governments to process relevant tax information whenever it has been called upon.

Handling Foreign Trusts

New Zealand has also made a name for itself by the way foreign trusts are handled. It has equally placed stringent requirements on the trustees to ensure that its banking system is as open as possible. In 2006 for instance, new rules were introduced after extensive consultation within and beyond the banking industry.

The new rules stipulate that the resident trustee of any foreign trust must avail a Foreign Trust Disclosure form to the IRD. Also, these individuals must ensure that they keep their tax records in compliance with the nation’s tax regulations. These include particulars of the trust’s liabilities and assets, details of distributions and settlements, and all codes of account. All records must be recorded in English and stored in New Zealand.

About Geoff Cone

Geoff is one of New Zealand’s most prominent legal practitioners. He honed his legal skills at the University of Otago from where he has a law degree. He similarly has a postgraduate diploma in the field of tax and trust law. Mr. Cone has practiced law for more than three decades. He started in Auckland before shifting to Christchurch, then back to Auckland in 1999. He mainly focuses on commercial litigation. He is a partner at Cone Marshall Limited, which was the first law firm in New Zealand to fully focus on tax planning and international tax.


Transform Your Lips With Superior Coverage

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Do you want all day coverage for your lips? Is the price a main concern for the products that you choose. Evolution of Smooth is a product that you can afford and you will love. They offer wonderful promotional offers for their first time customers.

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Madison Street Capital Earns Award Nomination

Ever since it was founded over ten years ago, Madison Street Capital has continued to be one of the leading providers of investment management and corporate advisory services in the world. The Chicago-based company has been involved in a number of different significant transactions that have helped to forever change the economic landscape in the country. While Madison Street Capital started out as a boutique and small investment banking firm, it has continued to grow and develop and has continued to receive a significant amount of accolades from industry experts.

Earlier this year, Madison Street Capital received notification that they were up for several different upcoming awards at the M&A Gala, which is held each year in New York City. The M&A Gala is a gathering of top executives from the largest and most successful financial firms in the world. Every year, the Gala announces winners of about two dozen different awards, which include awards such as top firm of the year, deal of the year, and several other categories. Each award is also broken down into several buckets based on the size of the firm. Learn more: http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/orland-park-homer-glen/community/chi-ugc-article-madison-street-capitals-anthony-marsala-reco-2015-08-20-story.html

This year, Madison Street Capital has a good chance of winning two of the most prestigious awards. They have the chance to win Deal of the Year, which comes on the heels of the company origination, sourcing, and closing a major acquisition that led to millions of dollars in income for the company. Due to this award, and other major accomplishments, Madison Street Capital is also up in the running for Small Firm of the Year, which would be the first time that they have won such an award.

While the winners of the award are still being determined, being named as a finalist for the company is a major accomplishment and will help to continue to develop the company’s reputation in the industry. The final awards will be announced at the 15th Annual M&A Gala, which is scheduled to take place in New York on November 15.

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Wen To Lose The Ponytail

I had the fortunate experience of reconnecting with a friend I had not seen in years. The first thing I noticed was how amazing her hair looked. After catching up over lunch, I mentioned her hair and she told me about Wen hair. It was a drizzly day, and my fine hair was uncontrollable. My solution was a ponytail, not quite the look for a woman my age, but it was better than frizz. I went home to learn more about WEN hair by Chaz Dean (https://chazdean.com/store.aspx) and found this article that seemed to be a genuine depiction of the transition from regular shampoo to Wen.
Emily McClure’s article invites the reader into her busy life with a day-by-day recap of her hair adventures. She explains her skepticism on days when her thin hair felt greasy or her curls didn’t hold, and her elation on good hair days. Emily learned that the routine that put her best hair forward was when she showered and styled in the morning. She could avoid any negative effects and reap the benefits of clean, shiny hair. What I found most fascinating was the pictures. I could see the improvement in Emily’s hair from day one on. Even on the days she indicated her hair wasn’t at its best, I thought it looked better than it did when she started.

I can also vouch for the author’s experience. After a regular regiment of using the Guthy-Renker produced Wen Cleansing Conditioner, my thin hair (and my hair is older than hers) seemed to come to life. I was complimented on my hair’s shine and bounce, and frequently asked the question, “what did you do to your hair?” I added other Wen products to my daily ritual and do not see myself going back to regular shampoo anytime in the near future. Visit the product’s Facebook page for more info.


Securus Technologies, Leading the Way through Video Visitation

How about having a face-to-face communication with an inmate at the comfort of your home? Wonder no more, as Securus video visitation has made that possible. The application is web-based and provides the most convenient and easiest way to video chat with a loved one in prison. The system works on tablets and smartphones and allows members to share their good moments with their friends in correctional facilities. Events like birthdays and sports can now be shared live, and discussions can be done online, thanks to the new application.


The face-to-face communication is preferred by many people because by seeing the face of the other person, you can tell a lot about how he is doing. The developers of the system have created short videos showing how the application makes life more enjoyable. In one of the short video, a father who is in prison is able to watch his son perform, and the performance is dedicated to the father. With such inventions in the modern world, inmates would be aware of the changes that happen in their homes, and among family members. When an inmate has a birthday, it can be celebrated through the application.


The system solves the problem of traveling to and from prisons, and the longs lines experienced when one visits the facility. I fully support such invention as they make life easier, and promote humanity and connection with our imprisoned loved ones. The onsite visitation option allows for pre-scheduling of visitation to avoid long wait hours. We need more of such application. Software developers should take up this challenge to enhance humanity.


Securus Technologies

This is the company behind great inventions with humanity at heart. The company dedicates its resources towards improving the connection of people and their loved ones in prison. It believes that inmates are humans too and they deserve the love that everyone is craving for. The inventions and services are all dedicated to improving connectivity with inmates. Their voicemail service enables people to leave messages for their loved ones in prison, and they are able to listen to the message later on. Any news can be left on a voicemail for an inmate to receive in prison. The video visitation has made it even better by allowing inmates to see and speak virtually with their loved ones. More technology firms should emulate Securus Technologies in helping to improve the lives of inmates. This will make it easier for family members, and friends outside.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

IAP Worldwide Helps Manage Facilities

Managing a facility is actually really easy when the client has hired IAP Worldwide to help. The facility that is to be managed has to be set up by a management professional who understands clearly how to run a building of that type. The management of the building is very simple because someone else has been brought out to help with it, and the owner of the building will stand back while they get results.

The owner will get reports from IAP Worldwide, and the reports will explain to the client how their building is functioning. The functioning of the building is very important because it pertains to things like productivity, and it also provides a look at how security works in the building. IAP Worldwide will hire a security team to work the building, and the IAP Worldwide manager will make sure that they have talked everything over with the owner of the building.

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Special instructions can be issued by the client when they are needed, and the client can ask the manager from IAP Worldwide to manage everything around the facility. The client might own the land that is sitting around the facility, and that makes a big difference for the manager. IAP Worldwide has trained professionals who can manage a large area with no problem, and they will interact with clients the right way.

Every function of the building is watched over by an IAP Worldwide team member who has corporate responsibilities to the company while also serving the client. The client deserves to have a professional facility, and that is what they get. IAP Worldwide creates a culture of calm professionalism on the premises.

The plan that is created at IAP Worldwide for every client is very unique, and it allows the client to learn a lot about how their building will be run. They can watch on what happens from afar, and they do not have to worry about the facility. They are welcome to visit at any time, but they will always be in good hands because of the manager who was put in place by IAP Worldwide.

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