Richard Blair: A Financial Expert’s Advice to Homeowners Trying Out AirBnB

Every action could have a negative or positive reaction, including the actions one might think are non-consequential. There are many homeowners who are looking at AirBnB as an additional stream of income, but many of these homeowners have not considered the entire affair. Richard Blair, an effective and successful financial advisor and planner, recently spoke about some of the issues that homeowners have to consider before opening their doors to a stranger or two.

This financial expert is the self-made man who founded Wealth Solutions, which is a prestigious Registered Investment Advisory firm. The firm is based where Blair resides, which is out in Austin, Texas. This young financial advisor and planner formed the company to help normal people, people with families, and small businesses. Blair felt that there was a whole market of people who truly need his expertise, and other companies do not pay much attention to them.

It was Richard’s dream to use his financial knowledge, but he wanted to do so without worrying about conflicts of interests. He wanted to be able to help for the benefit of his clients, which is what prompted the opening of Wealth Solutions back in 1994. For decades, it has been Blair’s unyielding commitment to his clients and their financial security that has made his business successful.

This business man has a strong desire to help people, and he does not want them to make hasty decisions. This is why he decided to speak to people who are looking at AirBnB as a worry-free solution to a financial hiccup. Richard does not want people to use AirBnB without being fully aware of all the possibilities and how they can prevent them from affecting their lives.

Blair is hoping that homeowners pay attention to the laws that apply to tenants and what a homeowner is not protected against. For one, a tenant can refuse to pay for damages, and the costs of pursuing payment may be left up to the homeowner. The homeowner might even end up paying for those damages out of pocket. Remember that homeowner’s insurance may not cover your short term renters.

Richard suggest that any homeowner thinking of using AirBnB as a secondary income should consider talking to their insurance company to see how they can change their insurance to include these occasional renters. It is also important that homeowners earning a little more talk to good financial planner, just to make sure everything is on point.

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America or Bus: Bussing Through the Heartland with Doug Levitt

When art meets mission you get a lifetime of memories and a melodious musical portrait of society. At least, this is what Doug Levitt has created. He has spent the last 7 years and 70,000 miles traveling this country by way of the greyhound bus. During this time, he has collected stories and witnessed the beauty and courage of America as they waded through times of political unrest and financial upheaval.

Doug Levitt is not a stranger to storytelling. To begin this odyssey, he abandoned his life as an international news correspondent for CNN, ABC and NBC. Although he had grown up as the son of a Congresswoman (Carol Schwartz), he had known personal hardship. When he was 16 years old Doug found his father’s lifeless body after he had committed suicide. The sudden tragic loss of a parent, spurned him on his path to fully develop his artistry.

He started this project as simply a 6-week tour across the nation. Inspired by the WPA (Works Progression Administration) initiatives of the 30’s, Levitt also wanted to expose the country at its best and worst. He wanted to depict a full picture of American culture as it stands right now. He knew, that included showing the poverty and emotional unrest that is often left out of our portrayal to the world of what it means to be American.

After the first 6-weeks, Levitt felt a call on his life toward a bigger purpose. He knew the story was not yet complete. This led him to spend another 7 years on Greyhound Buses documenting the lives of some of the least wealthy travelers in our society.

His travels not only inspired 2 hope-filled albums of heartfelt original music aptly named “The Greyhound Diaries“, but also a website of photojournalism that shows the faces and scenic views of a country that is not often captured in totality by the media.

Every snapshot and every song is a glimpse into everything we love and hate about our nation. There is beauty in the honesty and purity of seeing life through the lens of a traveler on a Greyhound bus.

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Kenneth Goodgame’s professional career

Kenneth Goodgame is a respectable Operational management’s leader and the current SVP CMO at True Value Company. He specializes in creating million and billion dollar OEM excellence by using a combination of innovative merchandising, marketing, smart business strategy and streamlined financial oversight. As a leader, he is focused on delivering a balance of corporate alignment, key performance indicators, employee engagement and quality assurance systems that lead to improved performance and profitability.

Having been in the industry for a while, he fully understands the market trends and works towards putting in more innovative strategies, especially in employee engagement. He utilizes his veteran’s eye to navigate market shifts in order to avoid costly mistakes that are bound to happen in the course of his efforts.

Ken Goodgame has a bachelors of science in Marketing from the University of Tennessee. Since his graduation, he has been engaged in various companies that align with his field of interest. In 1996, he worked at Hardlines D28 as a product merchant. This is where he horned his skill by managing all purchasing indoor garden category for Southern Region. Due to his efforts in this company, there was an expansion into Puerto Rico with 14 stores.

Kenneth Goodgame left Hardlines in 1999 to become the director at Proprietary brands where he made a negotiation and execution of first-of-its –kind nationwide deal together with John Deere in manufacturing and selling tractors and consumer mowers under Scotts brands. Among other companies that he has worked for in the past are The Home Depot where he was the senior product merchant and Newell Rubbermaid where he became the senior president marketing sales and channeling. Other notable companies that have come under his leadership include, Techtronic Industries North America, Anderson, SC, Ace Hardware Corporation, Oak Brook, IL and recently at True Value Hardware Corporation, Chicago, IL.

As one of the leaders at True Value Company, he is engaged in ensuring that the company guides its member owners by offering a clear direction and programs that would eventually increase their retail sales. The company believes in its clients as their greatest asset and works to ensure that they get their worth.

Talk Fusion and Video Chats

There are several ways you can speak with others online. You may be wondering about doing this with the help of chats or with the help of a video, but unsure how it works or why you would want to do things this way. The good news is that it’s not hard to do and you can talk to those you love like they were right in front of you.

Why Video Chats?

There are several reasons why you might want to look at a video chat. The biggest is that you will be able to see the person you are chatting with. It can feel more like you are in the same room and that you are able to connect better. This is because of the visual part added to the sound as well. This makes a huge impact on what you are doing and what you can say to the person you are chatting with.

Another reason is because it’s as easy as calling them. You get the same outcome as if you were calling them, but you get to see them as well. This gives you that extra touch when things are going a little crappy or if you want to see your friend or family while they are not with you.

How They Work?

Video chats are very user friendly and work well with other forms of communication. They give you a chance to see the people you want to talk to as well as to know they can see you and fell more connected. This is good for families that have others in different countries or even just different states. You can still feel connected and loved by them.

There are a lot of ways you can see the people you love without going to them. Video chat is one of these ways and one of the most effective overall. You should consider Talk Fusion because of the ability they have to connect you to the ones you love without going all the way to them. These programs are great and can offer ease of use along with doing what you need to.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Raising Public Awareness of Rare Health Disorders Among Local and International Communities

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a well-known name in the dentistry field, particularly in New Jersey and tri-State area. What makes him unique is the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to share his extensive knowledge of sleep apnea. As such, Weisfogel is the leading authority on sleep disorders and its association with dental problems.

Business Ventures

Presently, he is a co-founder and main architect of Dental Sleep Masters based in South Orange, New Jersey. The objective of the firm is to treat individuals with obstructive sleep apnea problems and sleep disorders. The program also offers guidance to local dentists and doctors on how to treat sleep problems. In fact, the company also sells various oral applicators that are used by dentists and medical professionals to overcome sleep anxiety. Prior to managing Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel also ran Unlimited Sleep Patients, which primarily acted as an advisory service for local doctors on how to market and increase the number of patients with sleep disorders. In fact, he is also a popular figure among the directors of various Healthy Heart Sleep clinics, which Avi Weisfogel co-founded.

Charity Work

Apart from his interest in sleep disorders and dentistry, Dr. Weisfogel is actively involved in funding “Operation Smile”. The charity, Operation Smile, has helped millions of children around the world by operating on facial disorders. In fact, the charity is instrumental in developing long-term projects in less developed countries for children with birth defects that includes facial palates and cleft lips. Inspired by the work of “Operation Smile”, Dr. Weisfogel is actively raising funds for the charity.

Social Media

Using the social funding platform, GoFundMe, the doctor is raising funds and public awareness. Besides contributing himself, the page at GoFundMe is promoted through various social media channels that includes Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter, LinkedIn and various other platforms. The primary reason for promoting through social media is his active involvement on the social front, which he uses to promote his own charity work in New Jersey and vicinity. Using the social media, Dr. Avi Weisfogel hopes that his story will also inspire others to follow suit.

Eric Pulier And The Infusion Of Government Enterprise Systems

Eric Pulier has been known for quite some time for his work with enterprise systems, and he is still working in that field at this time. He currently serves on the innovation board with the X Prize, and he manages two companies that help bring enterprise software to the mainstream. This article will help explain how Eric Pulier went from the early days of Y2K preparation to enterprise entrepreneur. His rise in profile offers a unique perspective on his dedication to helping over profiting.

#1: Eric Has Been Designing Enterprise Software For Quite Some Time

Enterprise software was originally designed in the late 90s with help from Eric and his colleagues. President Bill Clinton asked for assistance with preparation for Y2K, and highly-connected enterprise systems grew from his request. Eric grew his business from a need to connect all government businesses, and he continues to offer enterprise systems to all large companies in need.

#2: What Does The X Prize Have To Do With It?

The X Prize innovation board is a place where the greatest minds in the world come together to support and push forward those who bring projects to the committee. Eric has long been a member of the X Prize team because of his own commitment to innovation, and he often challenges contestants to use their technology in as many forms as possible.

#3: How Has Enterprise Software Changed America?

Enterprise software created by Eric and his colleagues has brought America quite a bit more productivity than was found in the past. Computers, laptops, PDAs and cell phones are all connected in large networks formed by Eric and his ilk. Someone who works for a large business is likely using enterprise software, and it is quite a good guess that Eric Pulier was part of the process.

Eric’s career has been marked by a penchant for customer service. He jumped into service when Y2K was a deep concern, and he creates enterprise software today for the average worker. His enterprise technology has made America a more productive place by connecting all forms of technology under one umbrella.

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IT Staffing Solutions that are offered by DIVERSANT LLC

DIVERSANT LLC is one of the best IT staffing companies in the United States. African-Americans own most of the company’s shares, and it has been registered as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. The firm offers a broad range of reliable products and services and they include creative diversity solutions, direct contracting and IT staffing augmentation. DIVERSANT’s goods and services follow its excellent strategies that are meant to ensure that the company’s associates, clients, and the community are fully satisfied. The solutions that are offered by the firm are vital in dealing with complex IT problems that face the customers. The enterprise associates with its clients in a way that makes them feel like real business partners.

Technology in the current world is always changing, and this has led to a high demand of IT experts in the market. DIVERSANT’s IT staffing services are essential to companies since they help in acquiring competent IT talent. The company uses a rigorous process in recruiting, and therefore, all the staff members that it hires are well skilled and experienced. The specialists acquired by clients from DIVERSANT have ample skills to develop fully customized programs for the clients. The organization has sufficient experience in staffing, and they match expertise and culture of different individuals with customers who need them. This ability to provide the quality staff members helps DIVERSANT in creating robust and long-lasting relationships with its clients.

John Goullet is a professional in the IT industry and currently serves DIVERSANT LLC as its Principal. He has been with the IT firm since 2010 when he incorporate his business, Info Technologies, with DIVERSANT Inc. Goullet has sufficient knowledge on emerging trends in the market, and therefore, he noticed a gap in the IT staffing and started Info Technologies. The firm was successful under his leadership, and its worth rose to thirty million within five years. It was also ranked eighth on Inc. Magazine’s top five hundred fast growing enterprises. John’s market when he founded Info Technologies was in the Fortune 500 companies. He has accomplished a lot in the IT staffing sector which he joined in 1994.

James Dondero Is Changing Lives

James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management. He has decided to work with Linda Own to provide philanthropic activities for their charitable program. The program is expanding and needs some extra help. Linda Owen will be a great help for the program because she has a positive track record with private and public partnerships in the Dallas area. She also shares a vision with Dondero that represents making a positive change within the community.

Over 3 million dollars is donated annually to charities throughout the Dallas area. They focus on helping veterans, schools and people with their health care expenses. The foundation has also given money to the Nature and Science museum, the Presidential museum and the Center for Brain Health(just to name a few). James Dondero and many other executives strongly believe in the organization and creating positive leadership roles that will make a difference.

James Dondero has been working for over 30 years in the equity and credit marketing business. He offers hedge funds, mutual finds, ETFs, EEITs, CLOs and private equity funds. He is the chairman of Cornerston Healthcare and Nexbank. He is an active member on the American Banknote board and is active in philanthropically supported initiatives. He strives to help veteran’s, educational systems and people that need help with their health care bills. He is also a certified accountant and has the right to use the CFA designation. He strives to develop credit solutions for investors world-wide and continues to climb the ladder of success for himself and his company.

Stephen Murray’s Thirty One Year Career In Finance

Stephen Murray had a very long career with one of the world’s most important financial institutions. In addition to having been the CEO of CCMP Capital, he had a very long history with the company, prior to when it got it’s current name. In fact, he had more than 30 years of experience working with the company.

During this time, he played a very influential role in the company’s growth. In fact, Stephen Murray had a very large role in one of the biggest milestones in it’s history, the creation of CCMP Capital. In addition to playing an influential role in CCMP Capital, along with it’s predecessors, he also had a key role in the management of many of the companies that CCMP was responsible for.

Stephen Murray initially was a student of economics at Boston College, but he switched to Columbia University to study for his MBA. When he earned his MBA in the 1980s, he began his long career with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, along with it’s successors. The company was a financial institution, but it differed from many other financial institutions in a very important way.

It was not an ordinary bank. Instead, the company managed a variety of other financial institutions. At first, he was employed through the credit analyst training program at this financial institution. However, he moved up the corporate ladder substantially from there. During the early 1990s, Chemical Bank, another bank holding company bought Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

Stephen Murray remained employed with the company, despite it changing hands. Ultimately, the company acquired other financial institutions. Finally, the transition was made to CCMP Capital. Soon after this transition was made, Murray became the CEO of CCMP. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

He served in this position for around eight years, from 2007 until 2015. During his time as CEO of CCMP Capital, he did a large amount of important work for the company. In addition to helping to manage CCMP Capital, he had been a part of quite a number of corporate boards for companies managed by CCMP.

Unfortunately, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has now passed away. His death was very unexpected by many people. He actually continued to be employed as CEO of CCMP Capital, until a very short time prior to his death. Also, he died at the early age of only 52 years old. He is greatly missed by his wife and four sons, along with those at his company, CCMP Capital.

InnovaCare Health is a Leader in Helping Provide Quality Healthcare

InnovaCare Health is a healthcare company that offers a number of Medicare Advantage Plans along with physician practice services. With this company a number of healthcare organizations can provide quality care and using cost effective methods at the same time. By using some of the most technology available, InnovaCare health provides healthcare organizations with the resources they need to maximize their efficiency. This company focuses on providing the best patient care for individuals throughout all of North America. By using Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage Programs, InnovaCare works on a daily basis to fulfill its mission of innovating healthcare management and meet all of the challenges that take place in the complex healthcare environment.

The mission and vision of InnovaCare Health consists of redefining healthcare management to meet the needs of patients along with focusing on strong patient provider relationships. This company is therefore always looking to establish sustained models of managed healthcare which is well coordinated, innovative and focused on providing the highest quality healthcare available. What makes InnovaCare Health a leading healthcare company is its values. InnovaCare Health believes that patients come first along with providing quality medical care. It also values strong relationships among healthcare providers and individuals seeking care, developing innovative medical practices and using healthcare management that benefits providers. Behind this company that strives to establish the best healthcare is the Chief Executive Officer and President Richard Shinto and its Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides.

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One of the best benefits that you can get as a senior citizen is Medicare Advantage Plans. These are health benefits that give seniors a number of options when looking to get the healthcare they need. They offer seniors the care they need in order to enhance their emotional and physical well being. With these plans, senior patients can get easier access to specialists as well as get comprehensive coverage according to Rick Shinto, CEO of the InnovaCare. With the specialists and coverage they will have the means necessary to treat any health problem that may occur. Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by private companies that make contracts with Medicare to provide health coverage. These plans often include Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, Private Fee for Service Plans, Special Needs Plans and Medicare Savings Account Plans. The plans are cover most Medicare services, offer prescription drug coverage and don’t pay under regular Medicare.

When running a medical practice, it is often advantageous to use physician practice services. With physician practice services, medical offices can get a lot of assistance that can greatly benefit them. These services include consulting, marketing, processing insurance claims and also helping advise physicians on how to best manage their resources. Since running a medical practice can be very demanding, physician practice services help lessen the burden and allow the doctor to focus on treating patients rather than focusing on the administrative operations of the practice. Therefore physician practice services are instrumental in helping physician offices improve operations as well as helping it become more successful.

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