CCMP Capital’d Former CEO and President: Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was the former Chief Executive Officer and President of CCMP Capital Advisors. He passed on in the year 2015 on March twelve one month after resigning from CCMP Capital Advisors due to health complications. He left behind his wife Tami Murray and four children. He was born in the year 1962 on the fourth of August. He was raised in New York City suburb of Westchester County.

Prior to his death, he lived in Stamford Connecticut. CCMP Capital Advisors is a private equity firm that deals with buyout and equity growth equity transactions. The firm focuses on companies that are in the consumer, industrial, health care and energy sectors.

The company has invested in Cabela’s Inc, Quiznos Corporation and Warner Chilcott Plc. Stephen Murray attended the Boston College and attained his Bachelor’s Degree in economics in the year 1984. He later achieved his Master’s in Business Administration degree on the year 1989 from Columbia Business School. He was a well- known private equity investor and philanthropist.

After completing his studies he joined Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as part of its credit analyst training program.

RCACTrack reveals that, In 1989, Stephen Murray joined MH Equity Corporation and witnessed as it merged with Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Corporation. In the year 2005, he joined JP Morgan Partners as its head of buyout business. He was among the founders of CCMP Capital Advisors which was a spin out of JP Morgan Chase Partners in August 2006.

In the year 2007, he was named the Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital. In addition to working at CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray was also a board member of various companies such as Aramark, The Vitamin Shoppe, Generac Power Systems, Warner Chilcott and AMC Entertainment.

He was described as a philanthropist and demonstrated his support to various charitable organizations. The Make A Wish Foundation is among the charitable organizations that benefited from his donations. He was a member of the Chairman’s council of the Make A Wish Foundation of Metro New York. Stephen Murray also supported Boston College, Stamford Museum, Columbia Business School and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County as stated at CultureBytes.

He has been described as a terrific investor and deal maker. His death saddened many including CCMP Capital Advisors current Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Brenneman. During his time at CCMP Capital Advisors, he was able to spur the firm to establish a new identity with its investors.

Restore your Public Image with Darius Fisher’s Help

Darius Fisher is an entrepreneur, investor, and digital marketing and communication professional. Also, he is the co-founder of status labs. This is a premier digital management reputation firm. Darius is also an investor; he has invested in various business ventures including cloud optic, Les Trios Petits, cochons and Sozo. Darius holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Vanderbilt. Also, he plays soccer and has a passion for traveling.

Darius Fisher has a profound interest in digital marketing, entrepreneurship, real estate development, technology, reputation management, public affairs, governance and public relations. Furthermore, Darius Fisher has worked as a political consultant and copywriter. He is the co-founder and president of Status Labs, a premier online reputation firm. Also, it deals with digital marketing and public relations. The firm has offices in Austin New York and sao Paolo, and serves over 1500 clients in 35 countries; they include politicians, Fortune 500 brands, CEO, athletes and other prominent personalities. Fisher built partnerships with agencies and influencers, recruited management and accounting teams. Additionally, he formulated the strategic vision of the company.

The internet has become a crucial tool that people turn to when making individual decisions and searching information about specific individuals. It gives people’s history, profiles, biographies, and reputation. While it takes long to build a good reputation, it takes a microscopic time to destroy it. The majority of people today seek to mend their public images and reputation after they have been tainted by various scandals. They include politicians, business owners, government chiefs, celebrities, clergymen among others.

The first search outcomes of any search engine are like the front pages of a newspaper. It may destroy you or shape your reputation; it will change people’s perception about you. It will stay permanently in the internet’s memory and may be very expensive to mend and improve the impact. When UC Davis, for example, attempted to boost its image, after campus police sprayed pepper to students in 2011, it sent the web ablaze. Online reputation management, therefore, is crucial as people rely on search engines like Google to get information. Institutions and individuals will go an extra mile to eliminate harmful web search results to restore their public image and confidence.

Wengie Taking the Internet by Storm

There was a time in America where beauty was to be found in fashionable salons and high-end women’s clothing stores where live models showcased the most fashionable styles of designers from Paris and Milan. At that time glamor was the realm of the famous or rich, and young beauties were referred to as natural beauties who would eventually mature and become patrons of the salons and high-end shops. Then came the revolution of the 1960’s. The culture of the day came face to face with those who would tear down all barriers; religion, the establishment and even what was considered to be fashionable and in style. Individualism was born.
Today we have numerous proponents of the post-goth age who are tacitly rewriting the laws of fashion. One of these new savants is Wengie, an Austrian-Chinese twenty-something who moved from a successful career in marketing to an even more successful career on the Internet. Wengie is an industry. Visit her webpage and you will be presented not only with Wengie but products, clothes, perfumes, make-up, and insight into today’s fashion. She sums it all up by rephrasing an Albert Einstein dictum. He said, “there is nothing unique about being unique“. Wengie says in effect being unique is over rated. Which is a bit disingenuous. Remember she is the after product of the revolution which took place in the 60’s and back then being different was prized.
Wengie is a brand and has more than one million followers.


Slyce’s Visual Search Platform Makes Online Shopping Fun Visual Search Engines

The fast paced world of technology and the shopping industry are growing like never before. It is hard to imagine how recent this technology is, but it has developed steadily over the years. Home computers only became popular in America a few decades ago, and online shopping became an exciting trend that soon followed the trend of owning personal computers. Online market on places opened their doors for consumers to purchase everything they would want to buy, and consumers could have things shipped straight to their front doors. Offline retailers joined the craze by allowing consumers to purchase their products from their websites as well. Now, we are collectively experiencing a new, exciting trend in online shopping: visual search engines.

What Are Visual Search Engines?

Visual search engines allow consumers to find the items that they want to purchase without having to go through the tedious and mundane task of inputting keywords into a search engine in order to find their products. Visual search engines are being developed, and some of them, like Slyce, have been backed by major companies in order to allow for the ease of finding items from major retailers. Visual search engines are the new way to shop. They are more convenient, and they offer a more reliable search platform for consumers to simplify their lives.

Consumers are able to take pictures of something that they want to purchase online, and by using the visual search application on their mobile device, consumers can find their products in a timely fashion. It is a new concept that is receiving great reviews from users because of the simplicity in design and the ease that it provides to consumers’ lifestyles.

Introducing Slyce

If you have never heard of visual search engines, then you are probably new to the companies that develop these platforms as well. Slyce is one of the biggest visual search engines available for public use. Slyce offers a sophisticated design that is user friendly, and it produces the most reliable search results. Slyce conducts its searches by using artificial intelligence, and there is also a team of trusted customer care experts that monitor the search results that Slyce’s AI produces.

How Does Dr. Jennifer Walden Offer The Best Surgeries To All Her Patients?

There are a lot of surgical options for women who want to change their bodies, but changing the body is often not as hard as some women think. They need to go in and talk to Dr. Jennifer about what they can do, and they will learn that even the smallest problems are solvable. Dr. Jennifer has been trained to do all the most recent designer surgeries, and it is important for women to come ask her for help instead of assuming the problem is too big to solve.

There are a lot of women who actually want to change the contour of their body around their vagina. These women need to come in to talk Dr. Jennifer about what it is going to be like to get the surgery done, and she can give a big explanation of how the surgery will go. Changing the shape of a woman’s vagina is actually a pretty easy operation, and every woman who wants to do this can do it before it gets to swimsuit season. It is a simple surgery, and it can be done in the office of Dr. Jennifer at any time.

There is a nice place to recover, and the women who get the surgery come back to make sure that they get follow ups. Dr. Jennifer will be able to help women get ready for the summer, and she can do the procedure on any woman who wants to make a change to their body.

People can recover in the office, and they can get as many procedures as they need. Every woman can find the inner diva that Dr. Jennifer talks about, and every woman will be able to change her life with one surgery. Dr. Jennifer consults every patient to make sure they get good results, and she does the surgeries herself. There is no safer place to go than the office of Dr. Jennifer Walden.


Provide your Dog with Healthy Beneful Treats

Beneful is a Nestle Purina Store brand that deals with dog food products. It is a very popular brand that generates over a billion dollars in revenues each year. Among its popular products is the Dry Dog Food ( Some of the varieties included in the dry dog food brand include the following.

  • Originals with real salmon

By filling your dog’s bowl with Beneful Originals with real salmon, you will be able to provide your dog with a nutrition that is rich in omega. You will also be able to give it a 100% of the nutrients that it deserve in order to thrive daily. With all the health benefits, you will also be able to help your dog maintain a healthy skin and a shiny coat. It will provide health every day and all types of yum.

  • Healthy weight with real chicken

This type of dog food from Beneful will enable your dog to maintain an ideal weight and always keep it excited for mealtime. This calories-smart recipe will offer your dog the utmost nutrition that it requires.

  • Healthy puppy with real chicken

This product will provide your growing puppy with a formula that is rich in calcium and boost it off with wholesome nutrients that it requires in order to help it grow strong every day. The product also contains DHA that will support your puppy’s development of a healthy brain and vision. This everyday healthy and yummy product is made of real chicken and accented with carrots and peas.

  • Playful life with egg and real beef

This Beneful’s product will fill your pup’s bowl with nutrients that are rich in protein. With eggs and real beef, you can be assured of complete nutrients that are essential to help your puppy thrive each day. The product is made of eggs and real beef and accented with spinach and blueberries.

  • Incredibites with beef, wild rice, carrots and tomatoes

This product will provide your puppy with the flavor that it will always crave for. This nutrition is rich in protein and is made of real beef. The product is complete and balanced to help in the growth of your dog. The chopped bites are made of real beef, wild rice, carrots and tomatoes.


Changing up the Approach Towards Wikipedia


Wikipedia is an open-source encyclopedia, offered online, where all types of individuals have complete access towards editing content.


Overall, Chris Havergal attempted to inform several readers about an an ongoing project being conducted by the academic community, at the University of Sydney. Several academic experts are asking students to make a Wikipedia page to improve the acquisition of knowledge and writing of college students worldwide, especially those enrolled at the school.

To further emphasize the benefits of Wikipedia page creation, gaining the services of professional Wikipedia editors for hire, particularly business owners have unlimited access to the following:

(i) Increasing the reputation of a business or brand by positing factual information such as biographies, background of company, mission/objectives, etc.

(II) Increase an online reputation by optimizing search engine results and also increase sales.

In regards to writers, there’s a bigger variety of people judging the quality of an assessment; which provides opportunity or receive meaningful content. This is a striking contrast towards the ordinary feedback students would receive from their teacher, Replying on one feedback as the basis for judgement for the quality of your paper. Students are also required to make Wikipedia edits as information is found that is out of date or inaccurate.

Services of a Wikipedia Writing Company

Hard to allocate time throughout the day day to finish a writing assessment? Please refer to the following website as soon as possible. Anyone is eligible, regardless of whether or not they own any business/real estate

The services offered by Get Your Wiki assist all kinds of individuals by helping them create, edit and update a Wikipedia page, or piece of work, on the Wikipedia page. Aside from increasing the search results, its content is polished with details from reliable sources and scanned for additional errors they can make Wikipedia revisions to. To preserve the authenticity of the information, the 
company screens out any malicious Wikipedia editors who attempt to change the content such as internet “trolls” aimlessly looking around to create errors. 

Raising Money For Stray Animals In New York With Ross Abelow And GoFundMe

Raising money for stray animals is a really important process in the dead of winter because it is so cold in the city. New York gets hit with a pretty stiff winter every year, and the strays that are around the city need the help of the people in the city that love animals. Ross Abelow is a New York lawyer who loves animals, and he went with a GoFundMe page when he wanted to raise money for the strays in the city.

The GoFundMe page is really simple because he was able to start it in just a few minutes. He is asking for donations that should total $5000 for his first goal, and that money will go to shelters in the city that will help stray animals. The animals need to be taken in at night, and the animals need to be given food and medical care. The animals can be adopted to better homes, and the shelters can keep their doors open when these animals need help.

Ross Abelow has worked in the city for a long time, and he has given of his time and energy for the animals of the city more than once. He wanted to start this fund because he wanted to help animals that he sees in the city every day. He has that original goal of $5000, but he wants to raise more money if he can.
Ross Abelow is a respected lawyer who does more than handle his cases during the day. He is someone who has interests outside his office, and he has friends in the entertainment and corporate world who want to give along with him for these shelters. The shelters that get the money are all around the city, and they have the staff that are needed to take in all these poor animals. The GoFundMe page is open all the time to people who want to give, and it is a great way for people in New York to give back to the kind creatures that they see on the street every day.

President Maduro Announces Three-day Weekends in 60-day Plan.

Venezuela has been experiencing extremely dry conditions this year, which has caused the hydroelectric power system to be under tremendous stress in providing enough power for Venezuela. The plant is under such stress that President Nicolas Maduro announced this week that the country will come under a 60-day plan to amend the situation.

The next eight Fridays will be declared public holidays according to, which is encouraging news to Norka Luque. This will make a three-day weekend for the next two months where factories would be required to use 20 percent less power, and the malls and hotels would run on generators to save energy. This is a mandate across the country, so Norka Luque and Maduro hope that families, youth and all individuals will join together to assist in ensuring that Venezuela has sufficient power.

Weather experts report that this drastic weather situation has been caused the El Nino weather system, which affects the entire planet in a variety of ways.  This may sound high, but if the water level falls to 787 feet, the turbines will need to be shut off to avoid causing damage to them.